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Wassup guys!!! Kim here bringing you some sexy chocolate to our sexy asian male stars. So who is this Cha Cha Malone person you ask?? Well let's take a peak, shall we???

Chase Vincent Malone (born May 25, 1987), more commonly known as Cha Cha Malone, is an American singer, music producer, songwriter, composer, and member of b-boy crew Art of Movement (AOM), from Seattle, Washington. Malone is widely known for his work with Korean-American singer, friend, and fellow AOMG member, Jay Park, which began in 2010 with online hits "Bestie" and "Speechless", and has produced nine tracks for his multi-platinum and award-winning works, Take A Deeper Look and New Breed. In 2011, Malone released an EP, Breakthrough, through iTunes and Bandcamp. Aside from collaborations with Park, Malone has produced and worked with many other artists in South Korea, including Red Velvet, Shinhwa, Kara, Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino, Brian Joo, U-KISS, Nu'est, and B1A4. Malone's distinctive producer tag, the phrase 'I need a cha cha beat boy', is heavily associated with Jay Park's music.

Malone was born in Seattle, Washington to a Filipino mother and an African-American father. He was raised only by his single mother for the first 16 years of his life. His grandmother also played a huge role in his life. Malone's first passion was art and illustration, and from a young age this became his creative outlet. At age 7, Malone began playing the piano by ear, and was influenced by his mother who used to write songs and sing in a band. Malone used to write rap verses in third grade, and was first introduced to the use of modern technology in beat making when he stumbled upon an early version of FL Studio on a friend's computer in 2000, and has participated in online beat battles at Rocbattle. At age 12, and in middle school, Malone entered the world of b-boying with friends at Seattle-based b-boy crew, Art of Movement, and in 2005 he appeared in episode of MTV's Made. Malone graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle in 2009, earning a B.F.A. in Media Arts and Animation, and was interested in working in the field of concept art and visual development. Malone found he was always making time to create music during his studies, even when classes were long and homework was draining.

In 2009, Malone sent friend and fellow Art of Movement member, Jay Park, who had recently returned to Seattle from South Korea, a folder of beats to see if he was interested in collaborating. Since then, Malone and Park formed a strong partnership into the producing music and writing songs. In October 2010, the pair's first works were released online; the duet, "Speechless", and Park's single, "Bestie". 2011 saw further successful collaborations between Malone and Park, in which Malone produced four of the seven tracks, including the title track, "Abandoned", on Park's EP, Take A Deeper Look, which went on to win a Golden Disk Award. Also in 2011, Malone produced and wrote his own EP, Breakthrough, with title track, "I Still", a self-inspired and heart-capturing track which Malone calls one of his favourites. Malone hosted Myx TV's Top 10 countdown for a week in 2011. Malone also released "Single Life", which featured Park, as a free download in September 2011.

In 2012, Malone began working with an increasing number of K-pop artists and groups alongside Park, and became a member of production team, Iconic Sounds LLC, who have worked on albums such as The Boys by Girls' Generation, and Only One by BoA. February 2012 saw the release of Park's first studio album, New Breed, in which Malone produced five tracks. The album went multi-platinum with 100,000+ physical sales in South Korea, and peaking at number 1 on the Gaon Album Chart and on international iTunes R&B/Soul charts. Malone and Park produced and wrote "Can't Stop", released in Korean and English, which also featured Park, for Brian Joo's 2012 EP, ReBorn Part 1. Malone and Park also worked together on "4U (For You)" for U-KISS' sixth EP, DoraDora, and on new K-pop girl group Tiny-G's song "Polaris" through South Korea television show, MBC's Music & Lyrics, which starred Jay Park and Lee Si-young. Malone produced three tracks for Park's 2012 mixtape, Fresh Air: Breathe It, including the title track "BODY2BODY", and featured and wrote the track "Hopeless Love". In October 2012, Malone produced "One Love" for South Korean boy band B1A4's 2012 debut Japanese album, 1. 2012 also saw Malone working with American Idol contestant and fellow Seattleite, Mackenzie Thoms.

Now let's take a look at the music that he produced!!!!

Production discography
Year Song Artist(s) Album
2010 "Bestie" (English Version) Jay Park -
"Bestie" (Korean Version) Take a Deeper Look (EP)
"Bestie" (Korean Remix) -
"Speechless" Jay Park & Cha Cha Malone -
2011 "While Drinking Coffee" Jay Park -
"Abandoned" Jay Park feat. Dok2 Take a Deeper Look (EP)
"Don't Let Go" Jay Park
"I Can't Be Without You"
"I Still" Cha Cha Malone Breakthrough (EP)
"Let It Go"
"Different Is Beautiful"
"Manifesto Anthem" (Levis' Denizen Commercial) Jay Park feat. Kwon Ri Sae -
"Single Life" Cha Cha Malone feat. Jay Park -
"Let It Go" (Remix) Dok2 feat. Cha Cha Malone Do It For The Fans (Mixtape)
"Up and Down" Jay Park feat. Dok2 New Breed Part 1 (EP)
"I Can't Be Without You" (Acoustic Version) Jay Park
2012 "Turn Off Your Phone" New Breed
"Come on Over"
"Can't Stop" Brian Joo feat. Jay Park & Beenzino ReBorn Part 1 (EP)
"Can't Stop" (English version) Brian Joo feat. Jay Park & Dumbfoundead
"4U (For You)" U-KISS DoraDora (EP)
"Polaris" Tiny-G TBA
"Blastoff" AFSHeeN & Mackenzie Thoms -
"More Than Friends (Benefriends)" Mackenzie Thoms
"Play" Bridget 'Jett' Hermano -
"BODY2BODY" Jay Park Fresh A!r: Breathe !t (Mixtape)
"Do What We Do"
"Be With Me 2Night"
"One Love" B1A4 1
2013 "Appetizer" Jay Park -
"Around the World" Mizz Nina feat. Jay Park -
"Joah" (좋아) Jay Park Joah (Digital Single)
"Sending You My Love" (멀리 있더라도) Andrew Choi Love Was Enough (EP)
"I Like 2 Party" Jay Park I Like 2 Party (EP)
"Hot" Jay Park
"Happy Happy Love" (ハッピー ハッピー ラブ) Kara Fantastic Girls
"Audition" Gaia feat. Jay Park Audition (Digital Single)
2014 "Ride Me" Jay Park Metronome (Digital Single)
"Love Potion" Gaia Love Potion (Digital Single)
"Good Bye Bye" (굿 바이 바이) Nu'est Re:birth (EP)
"Nana" (나나) Jay Park feat. Loco Nana 나나 (Digital Single)
"So Good" Jay Park Evolution (Album)
"Hot (Remix)"
"Alright" Shinhwa We (Album)
"Stupid Cupid" Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Ice Cream Cake (1st Mini Album)
"Midnight Sun" Hot Shot Midnight Sun (Digital Single)
"Rain On Me" Hot Shot Am I Hotshot? (Album)
"My Last" Jay Park feat. Loco, Gray My Last (Digital Single)
"Solo" Jay Park feat. Hoody Solo (Digital Single)
"Solo (Remix)" Yezi feat. Jay Park and Loco Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 (Digital Single)
"사랑 할 때 아니야 (Money)" Hyolyn feat. Jay Park Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 (Digital Single)
"Worldwide" Jay Park ₩orld ₩ide (Album)
"You Know"
"Cha Cha Cypher"
"I Want It"
"B-boy Stance"
"Favorite Girl" U-Kiss Stalker (Album)
"2nd Thots" Jay Park Everything You Wanted (Album)
"I Don't Disappoint"
"Feature feat. Cha Cha Malone"
"All I Wanna Do"
"All I Wanna Do (Korean) feat. Hoody, Loco"
"Limousine feat. KRNFX"
"Only One feat. Raz Simone"
"Me Like Yuh"
"Me Like Yuh (Korean) feat. Hoody"
"Forever (with DJ Ale Mora)(feat. Cha Cha Malone"
"전화기를 꺼놔 Turn Off Your Phone (feat. Elo) [Remix]"
"You Too (너도) feat. Cha Cha Malone" Loco You Too (너도) (Digital Single)
"Always On My Grind" AOMG Follow the Movement Tour
"Nowhere" Jay Park and Ugly Duck Scene Stealers EP (EP)
"우리가 빠지면 Party가 아니지 (Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party)"
"Tattoo" Elo 8 Femmes (Album)
"다 알면서 feat. Jay Park" Kwon Jinah One Strange Night (웃긴 밤) (EP)
"I Wanna Fall In Love" Song Ji-Eun Bobby Doll (EP)
"Lust" Hoody On and On (Album)
"Gravity" 宮野真守 The Birth (Album)
2017 "Twilight" Loona Kim Lip (Single)

Oh did I mention that he can sing??????
I just wana wish you a Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have an amazing weekend turning up!!!!!!! Also congratulations on becoming co-ceo of h1ghrmusic!!!!! I can't wait to hear awesome music from ya!!!!!!!

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