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@Get2daChoppa [Favorite Protagonist] I have a lot of love for the protagonist of AC 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations. For me, it was seeing someone at the height of his youth who was brash, cocky, and mischevious. Witnessing his entire journey from that point and on was pretty amazing. I felt pain when he paid witness to the deaths of those he loved. I felt exhilarated as he climbed his way along magnificent structures. I just felt so immersed in the world of Ezio as he began his first steps as an Assassin until the end of his journey. By Artist: TheBoyofCheese
@warlord88 I agree! Ezio is the best for sure. I loved that time period. All the buildings and all the history you got to learn along the way was awesome.
@GarrusVakarian Yep, he was really a character that left a strong impression. @Get2daChoppa Oh, that right there. That description is perfect. :D @nshen1 Hahahaha! I like that.
My favorite Italian.
Ezio is definitely the best assassin of them all. Appearing on 3 games, hanged out with Leonardo, became the mentor, and basically pioneered many of Assassin's method and technology (No longer need to cut finger for the blade!). Loving this man ;)
Ezio was also one of my favorites. :)