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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by 6am; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop some kudos if you like it!

Dumpster Diving

by 6am

Chapter 4
Meowy does not stay in the room, unfortunately. Even worse, the little cat apparently has some type of residual flamethrowing technology left somewhere in its tiny body and had blasted through Saeran’s door. Saeyoung had come stumbling into the hall with a fire extinguisher, screaming along with Saeran and MC.

“What the fuck.” MC screeches, and in any other situation Saeran might’ve laughed at her sudden outburst. “Saeyoung, I thought you took out the fire!!”

“So did I!”

Saeran pulls his shirt up past his nose, trying to stifle his coughing. He steps carefully around some of the charred bits of wood that are littering the floor just in front of his room. Are there little bits of tomato in here too? This is going to take so long to clean, and who knows when he’ll have an actual door again. “Should we call Vanderwood or something? To help clean.”

“She’ll strangle me before we can even start cleaning this up.” Saeyoung whines, looking down at his creation. “Meowy, why did you do that?!”

“Meowy had to get to Dearest Brother, meow.” Meowy takes a seat by Saeran’s feet, its expression somehow smug even though it will never change from what’s painted on. “The obstacle between has been eradicated, meow. Battery is at 35%.”

“We’re never charging this monster ever again.” Saeran glares at his brother and pushes the toy away with his foot.

MC makes a face. “Thank goodness Stinky can’t breathe fire. What are we going to do about the door? I’m so sorry, Saeran. I really thought this would’ve been a good idea.”

Oof, her sad face is really hard to take. Saeran lets his shirt fall back in place with a soft exhale. “It’s not your fault.” That feels a little too tender, a lot too much like their earlier conversation. Saeran pulls out his phone and points it at Saeyoung instead of looking at MC. “You’re not the one who decided to make a cat that can destroy a house.”

-Unknown has has entered the chat-room.-

Unknown: So this happened.

-Unknown has shared an image.-

Unknown: Because of this fool.

Jaehee Kang: Oh my god.

MC: It was an accident….

707: listen i thought i got all the fire out

707: meowy did it!!!! not me!!!!

Unknown: I don’t care.

Unknown: fix my door.

707: hey jumiiin

Jaehee Kang: Mr. Han isn’t in the chat-room.

-Jumin Han has entered the chat-room.-

Jaehee Kang: … Saeyoung

Jaehee Kang: Please tell me you did not install some kind of automatic log in system without telling us.

707: lololol silly Jaehee

707: I would never!

707: the author couldn’t think of a better way to introduce Jumin into this convo!

MC: Babe;;;;;;;

Jaehee Kang: Is this your new name for God??

Jaehee Kang: Sometimes I wonder if you are truly Catholic.

Unknown: Cut the shit and fix my door.

Jumin Han: Saeyoung, please “cut the shit” as Saeran has said.

Jumin Han: But what is this about a door? And why are you asking for me.

707: Meowy might’ve burned a hole in it.

707: And you might be able to hook me up with an emergency door delivery

Jumin Han: There’s something that can produce fire in the home you plan to keep Solomon the 2nd in.

Jumin Han: I will not hesitate to call animal control.

707: my man we just need a door

Jaehee Kang: Solomon..?

Jumin Han: I took the liberty of renaming the kitten to better suit his future.

Unknown: you renamed my cat

Jumin Han: I did.

Unknown: to better suit his future.

Jumin Han: nya.

Jumin Han: It’s a good name, isn’t it?

Unknown: I’ll break my entire foot off in your ass and end your future his name is Stinky.

Jumin Han: I’d like to see you try. (๑චᆽච๑)

Jumin Han: Solomon is a much better choice.

Jumin Han: And you are at my mercy if you want a door.

Unknown: eat dicks (๑චᆽච๑)

-Unknown has left the chat-room.-

707: Soooo… door?

Jumin Han: I can have someone meet you halfway.


Saeran thinks about maybe sending the picture to Yoosung. He shouldn’t be at work right now since it’s decently far into the evening, but he hadn’t been on the messenger… Is he doing homework? Saeran hopes so, Yoosung seems to be on a pretty good streak of being more responsible than usual lately. His thumb hovers over the send button, picture of Saeyoung looking guilty by the remains of the door and a quick message explaining what had happened. Is it too much? He doesn’t want to stress Yoosung out, but considering he’s had about as much to do with Stinky as Saeran has, he would feel more guilty leaving out these shenanigans. He sends the message, and Yoosung’s response is instantaneous.

Bzzzzt. Bzzt Bzzt Bzzzzzt.

“...hello?” Saeran answers, feeling a bit strange answering the call.

Yoosung sounds frantic on the other end of the line. “Are you okay?! Oh my god, what happened?”

“Can you not read?” Saeran’s brow furrows. “I told you everything that happened when I sent the picture.”

“I kinda just saw it and freaked out… sorry if it’s weird that I called you. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t in the room or right by the fire when it happened.”

“I-it’s fine.I’m just… not really used to being on the phone.” Saeran wanders further away from the mess in front of his room, watching his feet so he doesn’t step on anything that will poke him or… is that charred tomato??? How long has that been in Meowy?? “Uh, one of Saeyoung’s old robots could still breathe fire, and it burned a hole in my door so it could find me.”

Yoosung makes an impressed sound, Saeran’s mind shuffles through the several facial expressions he could be making. “That’s kind of cool! Not the fire thing, of course, but that Saeyoung made something that smart!” Smart is one word for it, Saeran likes annoying better though. “What kind of robot was it? Is it the dog one he made a while ago?”

“It was a cat, I guess he gave it to MC as a gift, but she let me… borrow it I guess. While Stinky is at the vet.” God, Saeran is suddenly very glad that this is just a phone call so Yoosung can’t see him twisting the hem of his shirt in embarrassment, his body feels warmer just admitting it to someone else.

“Aww, that’s so sweet! Don’t sound so embarrassed, haha.” Yoosung gushes, then lets out a little sigh. “MC is so nice, I’m really sorry again that Stinky couldn’t stay home with you. I know he’d like it better there than at the clinic.”

“Is he doing okay?” Saeran asks before he can lose his nerve. “Like, he’s not getting worse, right?”

“Oh, no! No, no he’s doing great! We actually think he should be able to come home soon, he’ll still need some medicine of course, but it looks like he’s coming out of the woods now.” There’s some muffled shuffling over the phone, it sounds like papers being pushed around. Good, he is doing homework most likely. “I think he misses you really bad too, any time I talk to him about getting you see you again he’s all meeeowowowow and - don’t laugh at me!!”

Saeran doesn’t try to hide his chuckles at the ridiculous cat impression. “You can’t meow and expect someone not to laugh at you, that was terrible.”

“It was pretty good!!” Yoosung insists with a huff. “I’m sorry I’m not a professional cat impersonator, should I have made it more nasal? He’s a lot less congested now, but he’s so whiny! Are you excited to see him?”

Yes, Saeran’s mind screams. “I guess.” He says instead, glancing over his shoulder to make sure that MC and Saeyoung don’t need too much help with cleanup before he curls up on his side of the couch. “Are you completely sure it’s alright? There’s a fire breathing machine here.”

Yoosung sighs into the receiver, mixed parts exasperated and sad sounding. “Of course it is, Saeran. If Saeyoung doesn’t make it so the robot can’t breathe fire I know you will. There’s nowhere else for Stinky to go and be happy, anyway. He loves you a lot, and even though you try to be grumpy I know you do too.”


Caught red-handed. Saeran wishes they were in person now just so he could put this glare to better use. “Shut up, dummy.” He bristles even more when Yoosung has the gall to laugh. “I’ll hang up right now.” He threatens, but it’s totally empty.

“No! Don’t hang uuuup, I like talking to you. Please keep me company while I finish this assignment, math is so boring.”

“Won’t that just distract you? I can’t work with a lot of noise.”

“Mmm, I like having some background noise, it makes things go by faster. Unless you’re busy, I can let you go.”

Saeran looks over at his brother again, he and MC look like they have it under control. “It’s okay,” He raises his voice a little. “If you make a mess you should clean it.”

“I said I was sorry!!” Saeyoung whines, and MC is giving him a look. Saeran is not up for sitting near that quiet anger whether it’s real or not. He’s much more content to stay on the phone.

They end up staying on the phone for several hours, even after MC and Saeyoung leave to go and pick up the door- Saeran didn’t even think his brother was being serious about trying to replace it earlier. His and Yoosung’s conversation shifts several times, first with more focus on Stinky’s condition, but then it evolves into more casual conversation. What did you have for lunch? Is it really that fun to work with all of those animals? Do your coworkers harass you this much all the time? What are you doing now that you’re home, Saeran? Are you still doing that one math problem, Yoosung? Can cats have ice cream?

That last one had gotten a very intensive reply about how grown cats are very lactose intolerant and Yoosung apologizing in between giggles at Saeran’s not so well hidden disappointment that he definitely should not be treating his cat to one of his favorite snacks. Yes even if it’s just a little bit, but there are several kinds of cat treats that Stinky can have that will probably taste better to him than ice cream. Saeran had refused to believe that one, but he does promise that he won’t give into temptation even if Stinky begs. 

Saeran has responded to more pictures and text messages in the past two days than he has probably since he’d been given everyone’s contact info years ago. Not including Zen’s selfies, because Saeran can’t bring himself to care enough about those even if his life depends on it. The phone call goes on until Yoosung is yawning on the other end, how long were they talking about nothing? Saeran is surprised to see how late it is when he takes his phone from his ear for a moment to check the time. He bids Yoosung goodnight when MC requests his help with the door over the intercom.

The text he wakes up to on the third day leaves him brimming with anxious energy for the rest of the morning, and Saeran finds it even harder to keep himself busy in an attempt to make the time go by faster.

Yoosung★: I get off work at 4! Stinky is ready to go home ^^


After thirty minutes of rereading the text message and finally settling on a simple “ok” as an answer, Saeran gets out of bed and cleans what little mess there is around his room. He picks up the little box that is Stinky’s bed and wonders if maybe they should invest in an actual cat bed instead of this worn out box with some towels in it. He eyes one of the thick blankets at the foot of his bed, it’s a little worn with how many trips through the wash it’s been through, but it’s definitely the comfiest blanket he’s ever had.

What else could he be doing? Saeran eyes his half full hamper, then picks the blanket up from his bed and tosses it on top. Doing laundry should keep him busy enough, but there’s too much time in between while he waits for his stuff to wash and dry… His room is already clean now that the few stray shirts and pairs of sweatpants are off the floor. He nearly considers taking his new door down again just so he can pass some time trying to install it again. Saeran picks up the hamper and makes his way to the laundry room - he can start with laundry at least.

Saeran ends up staring at the washing machine for a while after it kicks up, trying to figure out what the hell to do with himself. It’s only just past ten right now, and there’s not enough laundry in this bunker to pass six hours easily. He wants to text Yoosung just to pass the time, it’s been working well enough the past three days, but he’s working right now and Saeran doesn’t want him to get into any kind of trouble. He finds enough comfort in realizing that he’ll be seeing Yoosung for at least a few hours later today so he can tell Saeran how to keep taking care of Stinky.

He ends up flitting around the house and cleaning here and there, he can’t focus enough to really do anything that feels productive. There are a few toys in pieces on the table that either need to be assembled or cleaned up. Saeran goes with the latter, he can’t focus on one task right now.

Saeyoung, ever watchful of course, is teasing him relentlessly.

“Ohoho, look how busy you are!” He has his arm slung over the back of his computer chair, Saeran can see a PhotoChop window open with what looks like some kind of meme abomination that Saeyoung has apparently been working on for the past hour. “I never knew you liked doing laundry so much,” He sighs dreamily, pivoting back forth in his chair. “You’re going to make such a wonderful househusband, I’m so proud! Can you clean out my babies if you need more stuff to keep you busy?”

“Piss off, at least I’ve been productive today.” Saeran gripes and throws a balled up pair of socks at him, trying to aim for some key on the keyboard that would force close the picture of Yoosung’s head seamlessly slapped onto probably the most beefy body Saeran has ever seen. How does it look so realistic..? This is wild, Saeran has to tear his eyes away.

“This!” Saeyoung gestures wildly at the screen. “Is productive, excuse me. These!” He pulls his arm back and launches the socks back. “Are not my socks. Has Yoosung texted you yet?”

“He said he gets off at four o’clock.” Saeran answers, sorting through the laundry for what’s his and what belongs to his brother. Most of the articles are Saeyoung’s, a few some hand me downs that don’t really fit Saeran well enough to be anything other than sleep shirts. He folds a pair of his own sweatpants with a sigh and adds them to the small pile of his belongings. “I just want this to be over with.”

“You’ll live, but I can help you keep busy if you want.” Saeyoung offers, switching through a few tabs to a blank PhotoChop canvas. “Here, lemme get a picture of your face. I’m on a mission to see what all of us would look like if we were jacked.”

Saeran pelts him with every pair of socks he can find, and starts throwing pillows when he runs out of ammo.


It's three minutes past four when Yoosung sends him another message, this time with a very close up picture of Stinky sniffing the phone camera. Saeran stands quickly from his seat, the book he’d only been half paying attention to abandoned on the couch.

Saeyoung looks up from his computer. “Is it go time?” Then he jumps down the small set of stairs leading up to his lair when Saeran nods, swiping a pair of keys off of the little row of wall hooks. “Rescue mission is go!! Operation STINK is on!!!” Saeyoung throws his jacket on with a flourish while Saeran calmly walks to put his boots on.

"We're leaving to get our nephew!!" Saeyoung calls down the hallway where MC is showering, and she responds with a muffled holler that might've been words or something out of pure joy. Saeran is too busy punching his twin's arm repeatedly on their way to the garage.

"Stooop!! You can't be mean on this blessed day!" Saeyoung whines, scampering to the drivers side of his deep blue car. "What will your son think when he sees you being so violent?"

The car chirps when it's unlocked, and Saeran opens the door and slides inside. "Quit calling him my child, you're so fucking weird. Just drive."

Saeyoung takes his sweet time buckling in and hooking his phone up to his radio and picking music while the garage door opens. Has it always been this slow? Saeran tries to keep his leg from bouncing, but Saeyoung looks over at him when he hears him crack his neck. "C'mon man, you can be excited about this. We're getting Stinky 2.0! The bigger, badder, better edition!"

"He didn't get an upgrade, he's not your weird first robot cat." He glances over. "Which is really ugly, by the way."

Saeyoung gasps as he speeds away from the bunker. "You can't diss Meowy like that! He was the first one I ever made, he can be ugly if he wants. It's part of his charm."

"You're lucky MC will love anything you give her."

“She’s truly an angel.” Saeyoung sighs, putting a hand over his heart, patting the wheel to beat of the song that’s playing with the other hand.  "On a scale from one to ten, how hyped are you?" He asks his brother quietly.

Saeran turns his head to look out the window, watching the clouds zip by too quickly for him to admire them.  "Like an eight." He admits. "Can't tell how much of that is actually anxiety, though."

“Probably like three percent of it, so you’re at a solid five! That’s not bad.” Saeyoung laughs. “It’ll be just fine, dude. Doctor Yoosung is on the case, and you spent the whole morning kitty-proofing so he won’t get into any trouble.”

“I wasn’t.” Saeran lies, trying much harder to look only at the sky now. “It needed to be cleaned anyway, someone had to do it.”

“Sure, sure.  You know it’s okay to be excited, right? Don’t be embarrassed.” He means to pat Saeran’s knee, but he’s focused on weaving in and out of traffic to be accurate and ends up patting the seat instead.

“Whatever.” Saeran crosses his arms, and thankfully Saeyoung takes the hint to shut up and drive. It’s not a long drive by any means, especially with Saeyoung’s complete disregard for speed limits and general driving safety, but Saeran feels like he’s been riding in the passenger seat for an hour before they make it to the clinic. Saeyoung is still humming along to the last song he’d been playing when he gets out of the car and nearly skips to the front door of the clinic.

There are several employees out in the lobby, cleaning up and organizing the treats and supplements behind the main counter. More than one of them welcome the twins in unison, most of them do a double take and then do a poor job of hiding their stares.

“Hello! I’m sorry, we’re actually closed right now. We open at...” One of the employees asks, stopping himself after he gets a good look at Saeyoung. “Oh! Are you Yoosung’s friends? He said we should be on the lookout for redheads.”

Saeyoung nods. "We're here to pick up a Stinky Choi." Saeyoung snickers along with the man behind the counter at the name. "And a Yoosung Kim, if you have one."

"We just might, let me go in the back and get them for you, it shouldn't be too long of a wait. You can have a seat if you'd like." The man stands from his chair, humming merrily to himself on his way through a door behind him.

Yoosung comes out of the door moments later, laughing at his coworkers over his shoulder with a tiny fluff of white against his chest. Saeran feels his heart thump wildly. Is Stinky going to remember him? How long do kittens actually remember things? Stinky is peering over Yoosung’s shoulder at the small group of people cooing their goodbyes, even the head vet with all of the different colors in her hair is wiggling her fingers at him.

"Hiya hey hey! There's two of my favorite boys." Saeyoung grins and Yoosung returns an even brighter smile that's mostly directed at Saeran, it's definitely not helping the palpitations.

The blond clicks his tongue a few times in an attempt to get the kitten's attention. "Stinky, hey," He has to coax the cat's gaze away from the now closed door, and he adjusts the little bandana around Stinky's neck while he makes his way around the front desk. "Stinky, hey.” He asks like the kitten can talk, pointing a finger at Saeran with an excited look. “Who is that?" Stinky eventually seems to get the idea and starts to scramble when he looks in Saeran's direction.

Stinky squirms his way out of Yoosung's hold, ignoring the way he yelps and tries to grab him as he leaps out of his arms and hits the floor running. Stinky's excited meowing bounces along with his steps on his way to Saeran's feet where he butts his head against his ankles and weaves between his feet. Saeyoung isn't even trying to tone down his boisterous laugh and he pats at his pockets to try and find his phone. The other employees and students in the clinic are gushing as well, but Saeran can't pay attention to them with Stinky crawling up his pants.

"God, calm down." Saeran huffs at the kitten, bending slightly at the waist to scoop Stinky up. It's only been a few days, but there's noticeably less gunk in Stinky's now much brighter eyes, and his meowing sounds more like a cat than a frog. Stinky is butting his head repeatedly against the underside of Saeran's chin even though he’s being scratched right in his favorite spot right before his tail. "Whiny little thing," Meow, meow, mrrroww. "Yeah, yeah, I see you."

"Look how happy he is! I told you he'd be excited." Yoosung is bouncing on his toes. "He's doing much better, but we still need to see him in a week for a check up. He's had his first round of shots and we gave him a flea bath just in case." Yoosung reaches out to fix the pastel bandana around the kitten’s neck. "And we had to cut this one down a lot, but I had to make sure he had this bandana for check out."

The two sweeping the lobby laugh heartily. "You should've seen him running around!" One of them contains their snickers enough to put on a theatrically thoughtful look. "Oooh, which one should we use? Make sure you tie it right! What if he hates it?"

"Shut up!" Yoosung whines, looking more pitiful when Saeyoung ends up laughing with them. "I just wanted to do something nice!"

Saeran looks down at the little piece of cloth to see what the fuss is about, and he feels his heart melt a little. There are little candies dotted all over the fabric and it might actually be the cutest thing Saeran has ever seen. Yoosung should be in jail, Saeran thinks he should be in jail for even holding this cat right now.

“It’s cute.” Saeran murmurs, and Yoosung looks absolutely thrilled. He looks up from Stinky, feeling more shy with all of the attention centered on them. He tries to hold eye contact for as long as he can, which only ends up being a few seconds before he ducks his head back down into Stinky’s fur. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome!!” The two workers sweeping continue their “awww’s” and make kissy noises, Saeran can still hear them laughing when Yoosung nearly pushes him and his brother outside with a pout.

Stinky is enamored by the inside of Saeyoung’s car when they all get inside, much more interested in the fuzzy dice hanging around the rearview mirror now that he’s not so fatigued all he can do is sleep in Saeran’s arms. Saeyoung still has his phone out, laughing and cooing as he takes pictures and videos that will no doubt be all over the chat when Saeran logs in again.

Yoosung and Saeyoung are making enough conversation to allow Saeran his own time to just pet Stinky in his lap, smiling down at him when he flops onto his back and wiggles around. The tiny little pink jellybeans on his toes are too precious, Saeran ends up playing with them for most of the trip home.

“Stinky!” MC opens the door that leads inside from the garage before everyone can even get out of the cart, throwing her arms up in the air when Saeran steps out with Stinky in tow. “Hi baby!!” She squeals, leaning in close to pet his ears. “Oooh, look at your little scarf! How’s my tiny baby nephew?”

“He’s not my kid.” Saeran says again, but hands the kitten over anyway. Stinky has the fear of God in his eyes when Saeyoung joins in on smothering him with kisses.

“But he is!” Saeyoung insists between smooches and ignores the way his glasses hang awkwardly from his face when Stinky paws at them. “Our big man missed his daddy so mu - ack!!” He reels back with his hands over his nose, wincing for a moment before he bursts into laughter. “He got my nose! Oh shit, babe, am I bleeding? He got me pretty good.”

MC’s eyes widen and she fumbles with Stinky, handing him back over to Saeran so she can pull Saeyoung’s hands away. “Oooh, you’re bleeding just a little bit. We might have to amputate.”

“Good boy.” Saeran smirks down at his cat, he can’t tell if Yoosung’s laugh is genuine or slightly afraid.


“So this is his medicine, he just needs it once a day.” Yoosung pulls out a small carton from his bag, opening it with a little trouble to release the tube inside. “You just put some on your finger and then he’ll lick it up! He really likes it.”

He hands the tube over to Saeran, who turns it around in his hands to read the ingredients and instructions. It’s not overly complicated, at least it seems that way. Just a pea sized drop of this tuna flavored goop. “Can you, um. Show me how?” Saeran asks, holding the medication so Stinky can sniff it without craning his neck too far. “I know you said it was easy, but I really don’t know what I’m doing…”

“Of course! He hasn’t had it yet today, so this is perfect.” Yoosung holds his hand out palm up, and Saeran looks at it for a second before he puts the little tube in his hand. Yoosung looks at it for a second, then laughs quietly. “Sorry, I should’ve said that was for your hand. My bad.”

“Oh.” Saeran slowly lifts his hand up this time, watching as Yoosung turns his hand up the same way his is. The goop inside of the tube is a little cold on the tip of his finger, but Yoosung’s hand is warm, the heat seeping into Saeran’s perpetually clammy hand.

“Just like this, and he should go right for it.” And go for it he does. Stinky pulls himself up using Saeran’s arm and doesn’t even smell the little spot of medicine on his finger before he starts to lick it up. Saeran’s hand twitches at the rough texture of his tongue and the soft nibbling on the tip of his finger. “See? It’ll help get his immune system going so he can get over being sick sooner. He should be much more energetic by his next visit.”

Stinky already seems a bit more alert even with just a few days of being taken care of. He’s moved from Saeran’s palm back down to his lap, teetering on the edge of his knee before he stretches his way onto Yoosung’s legs. They both watch as Stinky makes himself at home in Yoosung’s lap, looking just as comfortable and at ease as he does in Saeran’s lap. His cloudy green eyes look up at their hands curiously, is he jealous? He’s staring so intently, Saeran doesn’t know if cats can really even get jealous.

“You’re still holding my hand.” He says instead of asking whether or not cats have more complex emotions besides needy and hungry

Yoosung gives him a shy smile, laughing nervously. “S-sorry, I kinda forgot.” He makes no move to let go of Saeran though, his touch soft as he continues to cradle his hand. It’s not uncomfortable, with enough warning before and the way Yoosung is holding him Saeran doesn’t really mind it. His hand is so warm and soft where it’s wrapped loosely around his own, and the warmth stays when Yoosung finally takes his hand back. “So um, yeah.” He lets out a short, awkward chuckle. “Just do that once a day, and there are some pills he needs to take too.” Yoosung hands Stinky over so he can dig through his bag, and the kitten sniffs Saeran’s fingers in hopes that more of the goop will magically appear. “These are also once a day, you can just stick it in his food. He took it really well at the clinic.”

He looks over the blister pack in his hands. “So I just drug my cat.” He deadpans, but Yoosung just shakes his head.

“It’s not that! It’s either put it in his food so he just eats it or you have to push it down his throat. It won’t have any side-effects, it’s just to make sure that he’s totally better!” Yoosung slings his bag over his shoulder and stands from his chair. “Both of those around the same time every day for a week, and then he can come in for his checkup, he should be all better by then.” He gives Stinky one last scratch under his chin. “I have to go back home, I have some projects I need to finish.”

Saeran stands up and walks to the door with him, letting Stinky climb up into his hood as he walks. The soft tickle of fur on the nape of his neck is just as pleasant as he remembers. “Do you… still want me to call you while you work?”

“Yeah!” Yoosung answers immediately, looking excited. “If you don’t have anything else to do, I mean. I like talking to you, I’ll let you know when I get home.” He waits patiently for Saeran to override the security system, all smiles as he walks out the door. “I’ll talk to you later!! And you be good for Saeran, Stinky!” Stinky pokes his head out, but finds Saeran’s ear more important than Yoosung’s goodbyes.

Saeran looks around to make sure that he’s truly alone by the door, he can hear MC chatting excitedly about something with Saeyoung in their room. Good. “Hey.” He murmurs to Stinky, turning his head so he can look at the tiny kitten. “I missed you.” He says quietly, fixing the candy bandana around his neck. Stinky purrs viciously, his eyes closing when Saeran presses a kiss to his head.


Yoosung is a Slapchat monster.

Yoosung sends him another picture, this time it's of him pouting ridiculously with a filter full of cutesy stickers. send me one with ur face in it!! Saeran frowns at the image on his phone as it disappears forever. First his brother and MC, now Yoosung begging for replies that have his face in them over this stupid app.

He takes another picture of Stinky kneading his thigh. and types no.

His phone buzzes endlessly as Yoosung assaults him with wave after wave of pictures captioned "pls" with increasingly strange filters. Is he just going through each one and sending it? Saeran puts his phone on silent and reluctantly lifts his phone up to his face and presses the screen to flip the camera.

It's so strange to look directly at himself like this, staring right back into his eyes and seeing them flit to the side a second too late. Why is Yoosung so insistent on seeing him? He knows what he looks like, it's not like his identity is a mystery anymore. Why do people take selfies anyway? Saeran continues to stare at himself, swiping through the filters and immediately regretting it when one of them for some godforsaken reason squeezes his forehead in and makes the rest of his face massive. Horrendous. Is this one just a giant pineapple..? This isn’t fun, Saeran doesn’t see how this could be enjoyable. All this is doing is making him want more of the pizza with pineapple on it that’s still in the fridge.

He swipes it away quickly and it lands on one that just... changes the color? He can't see a big difference, the quality of the picture is a little more grainy if anything. Yoosung is still sending him Slapchats that are probably still just " pls ", but if Saeran is going to do the damn thing he'll do it right. Does he tilt his head like MC does? That always looks cute, but Saeran isn't cute. He can't just hold up the camera and snap whatever and send it like Zen does, and he refuses to use the silly filters Saeyoung takes an unhealthy delight in. Or to pull his chin back to make more chins, can he even do that..? Oh, yeah, he can. That's almost as many as Saeyoung can get going.


Saeran is very grateful that this app doesn't record what happens before the picture is actually taken, if it could Yoosung would receive a five minute video of Saeran looking more and more disgruntled at himself.

Stinky is apparently upset that Saeran is paying more attention to his phone than him and wiggles his way up his chest, purring up a storm and bumping his head against the device that’s stealing his pets. “Needy.” Saeran huffs but uses is free hand to stroke down his back anyway. Stinky nuzzles at his chin appreciatively, placated enough that Saeran can look at his phone again.

This… might make a good enough picture. Stinky’s head is obscuring most of his mouth, his white fur a pretty shade of purple with the filter in place. Saeran snaps the picture quickly, not bothering to do anything else but turn the timer down to three seconds before he sends it to Yoosung. There, that should be enough to satisfy his weird need for a picture. The Slapchat is opened just a few seconds later, and Saeran feels his ice in his veins at the notifications that pops up on his screen.

★star_prince★ took a screenshot!

1 new text message from Yoosung ★

Yoosung★: Cuuuuute!! ^^

Unknown: Don’t screenshot things!!!!!

Unknown: If you just wanted a picture of Stinky I sent you like twenty.

Yoosung★: But I wanted a picture of you!

Yoosung★: I have pictures of everyone but you.

Yoosung★: And now I have a super cute one~

Unknown: You know what everyone looks like why do you need pictures

Unknown: You’ve seen me almost every day for the past week.

Yoosung★: Don’t be so shy!! It’s too cute.

Cute?  Saeran’s face goes hot and he reads the message over and over again.

Unknown: … me or Stinky???

Yoosung★: Both :3c

Saeran locks his phone immediately, his heart pounding and it feels like his body is seconds away from bursting into flames. He’s been called cute before, usually in a teasing way from Saeyoung or in a way that makes him want to hide and spit from MC. But this is a very different feeling, he feels hot but it’s pleasant in a weird way, like when he wakes up in the morning tangled in his blankets with Stinky curled up against his chest. He doesn’t know if he wants to fight Yoosung or if he wants him to tell him he’s cute again.

Unknown: Shut up.

Unknown: Nerd.

Saeran locks his phone for good this time, setting it on the arm of the couch face down and ignoring the soft buzz that lets him know that Yoosung has answered. He drags a hand down his face and looks down at Stinky as he kneads his paws against his stomach.

“Please kill me.” He begs, but all Stinky does is flop onto his side and settle himself in for a nap. Little traitor, Saeran thinks as he lets his head fall back against the edge of the couch. “End my life before this gets worse.”


Saeran is running out of places in the city to walk through that are new to him, it's a blessing and a curse. Of course, right now he isn't just walking aimlessly to kill time, and he's at least saving a bit of phone battery without having to use his GPS half the time. But the girl at the counter of the pet store is still confusing him with Saeyoung and asking why he looks so grumpy today even though he's been there himself countless times over the past three months. He glances down into the plastic bag for the tenth time while he waits for the road to clear of cars so he can cross. The cute little bag of cat treats still hasn't spilled out over the new toys he had purchased for Stinky, and none of the new toys have suddenly disappeared during his trip.

His phone buzzes in his pocket for maybe the fiftieth time in the past five minutes, and Saeran ignores it again. He knows that it has to be his brother or MC pestering him to get therre as soon as he can for the party - should he even be surprised that the entire RFA wants to have a birthday party for a cat? Especially with Jumin and Saeyoung being... Jumin and Saeyoung. It’s not even close to being Stinky’s birthday, but Jumin had decided to be so generous and insist that Stinky must attend Elizabeth’s birthday party in his penthouse. At least he’s stopped calling him Solomon the 2nd.

Saeran pulls his sanitary mask down as he approaches the C&R building, the security guards do a double take when he approaches the elevator and requests Jumin’s floor, but they both relax when Jumin lets them know that Saeyoung has been officially invited and that this is his twin brother trying to come up.

Everyone is chatting loudly from the living room when he’s let inside, the conversation stopping for just a moment for Saeyoung and MC to shout their greetings. Someone else yelps - Yoosung? - and the sound of a bell jingling furiously comes closer as Stinky trots toward the door.

Saeran kicks off his shoes and lines them up next to everyone else’s, smiling down at the ground when Stinky meows endlessly. “Yeah, yeah.” He says, holding the bag higher when the cat starts to climb up his pantleg. “Why are you so noisy? I was gone for maybe an hour, calm down.”

Mrrrowww Stinky wails, his claws digging into Saeran's jeans. He continues to meow until Saeran reaches down with his free hand to pull the cat up to his chest, bumping his nose against Stinky's. “I know, I know, it’s a different house. Happy now?” He asks, laughing softly to himself when Stinky bumps their noses together again. “You're so clingy.” Stinky hauls himself up onto Saeran's shoulder, taking a moment to balance himself now that’s he’s not small enough to just sit there.

There's even more commotion in the living room when Saeran finally comes into the room - Zen looks like he's about to burst with excitement (or maybe he just really needs to sneeze, Saeran isn't sure) Jumin looks smug as ever with Elizabeth sitting pretty in his lap, and MC and Saeyoung are holding Yoosung’s feet while Jaehee… has him in a headlock?

“Let me go!!” Yoosung wails, wiggling uselessly against Jaehee’s iron grip. “I changed my mind! You're all mean! It was all Saeyoung's idea!”

“Saeran! Saeran! Look at his collar!” MC laughs. “I don't know how much longer we can hold him down!”

Yoosung protests even louder, and Saeran finds himself even more confused. The collar..? He reaches up to Stinky's neck, running his fingers around the collar around his neck before he finds something. There's a piece of paper clipped to it, how did he not notice it earlier? Saeran fumbles with it for a moment before he can get the note out from under the paperclip, brow furrowed as he unfolds it and looks down at the words written on it.


He knows this handwriting, it's a little messy but not enough that it excuses him reading it several times over to make sure he's actually processing what's written down.

★ i'm absolutely pawsitive we'd make a purrfect couple ★

Everyone falls dead quiet when Saeran walks out of the room and into the huge kitchen. There's some whispering he can barely make out, the note is still in his hand. He's a bit overwhelmed, and it's not helping in his search for a pen somewhere in Jumin’s unfamiliar kitchen.

His back is still to the living room when he hears someone come up behind him, but he doesn't give up on his search. This place is so tidy Saeran almost expects there to be a closet or something specifically for pens. He starts opening drawers, surely there has to be one somewhere in this huge apartment. Oh, there’s one. Of course it has to have a diamond on it, this pen could probably buy Saeran thirty pounds of candy. Saeran scribbles down his response, it’s a little sloppy but it’s at least legible. He folds it back up and squats down to place it back in the little clip on Stinky’s collar.

"Go." Saeran whispers, but Stinky only blinks up at him. "Go." Meeeooww. Saeran rolls his eyes. "Oh my god, go asshole." Stinky finally gets the message and trots into the living room where he's met with several coos and poorly hushed whispers of "open it! open it!". Saeran stands grinds the ball of his foot against the floor anxiously as the living room goes silent again. He really wishes that Yoosung had just gotten up to give him the slip of paper or at least followed Stinky on his way to greet Saeran. Was this some way of softening the blow? Buttering him up, maybe? Either way it works more than Saeran is willing to admit. The best way to a man’s heart is through his cat... or something.

There's a shout - Yoosung - and then even more hollering from Saeyoung, and then the soft, rapid pats of Yoosung’s feet as he races into the kitchen. He's cradling Stinky like an infant and the sight makes Saeran's heart melt. Stinky is much bigger now, a far cry from the sad little smelly puff he used to be. And Yoosung making that face while he holds his cat really sets it that Saeran has it bad.

"Really?" He asks, taking a few cautious steps closer. "Really really?"

"KISS HIM!!!!" Saeyoung roars in the living room, and it's echoed by Zen. Stinky slinks out of Yoosungs hold as he steps closer, cheeks pink and his hands wringing excitedly in front of his waist.

"Can you not read?" Saeran huffs, but he can't keep the smile off of his face. He leans back against the edge of the counter, unable to keep eye contact when Yoosung when he stands close enough that their toes could be touching. Stinky is looking up at them curiously from the floor, tail twitching.

Yoosung hums like he's thinking too hard about it, Saeran sees one of his hands twitch closer. "I mean, I can." Yoosung singsongs. "But I think maaaybe I need someone to read it to me so I remember better.”

"That doesn't even make sense. It was just two words." Yoosung just laughs, cute and happy and bubbly and Saeran feels like he's about to burst into flames. "... don't make me say it."

"Oh, come on!" Yoosung rises up on his tiptoes for a second with his exclamation, his hands finally rise up so he can timidly rest them on Saeran's waist. His skin tingles pleasantly under his clothes at the feeling and he shifts just enough that they're a little closer now. "Just one time.”

Saeran lifts his head just enough to see him, with his head tilted to the side so he can try and see Saeran's face better. Nothing but a shy smile and sparkling eyes, the hands on his waist give the slightest squeeze and oh Saeran has it bad. His hands shake just a little when he lifts his arms to drape them loosely over Yoosungs shoulders.

"Yeah." He says quietly, but Yoosung shakes his head.

"Nope, that's not what you said~."

"Do you want to fight right now?" Saeran frowns hard, but it's hard to keep up the grumpy front when Yoosung pulls him flush with an even giddier laugh. Saeran feels even warmer now, but maybe spontaneous combustion wouldn't be the worst way to go.

"Nooo, just one time! You don't even have to say it loud."

Yoosung makes a game out of trying to hold Saeran’s gaze, laughing endlessly when he has to turn his head quickly and it’s too cute, he squeaks when Saeran tucks his head under his chin to hide more effectively. “Fur sure.” He mumbles into the collar of shirt so quietly he hopes Yoosung was actually able to hear it, but all he does in response is circle his arms completely around Saeran and squeeze him tight.

“You’re so cute. I’m so happy, oh man.” He rocks them from side to side, burying his face in Saeran’s hair when he tightens his arms around his neck. Yoosung pulls back soon, though, pursing his lips. “Can I uh, can I kiss you?” He asks, voice dropping into a whisper. “I-it’s okay if you don’t want me to! I promise, I just -”


Yoosung’s mouth falls open, and then he grins, squeezing Saeran again and leaning closer. Saeran’s confidence vanishes immediately, how do people kiss? How far does he need to tilt his head? Are his lips chapped?? Why is Yoosung’s mouth so furry?

“Mm!” Yoosung pulls back and puffs air from his mouth, trying to getthe cat hair out of his mouth as Stinky worms his way in between them, trying to make himself comfortable between their chests and he ends up shoving his face into Saeran’s. He meows, then bumps their noses together.

There’s a dramatic groan from the edge of the kitchen, and both boys jump out of their skin at the sound. Saeyoung is kneeling on the floor, two party hats strapped on over his ears. “Intercepted!!” He cries, and the response from the living room is mostly on MC’s part. “Stinky has been proven as the one true receiver of Saeran’s kisses!!!”

“Were you there the entire time?!?” Saeran yells, Yoosung gets a mouthful of tail when Stinky scrambles at the sudden outburst. He tries desperately to climb on top of Saeran’s head, but settles for hiding behind his mop of red hair when he wobbles too much up there.

“Saeyouuuunnggg.” Yoosung whines, letting his arms drop. “You ruined it!! Leave us alone!”

Saeyoung carries on, but scoots his way back into the living room at a maddeningly slow pace. Yoosung waits until he’s completely out of sight to turn back to Saeran, looking disappointed. “I’m sorry, I really should have waited until we could be by ourselves to do this.”

Saeran reaches behind his head to pick Stinky up, holding him like a baby like Yoosung had been earlier so he can pet his tummy. “It’s okay. I feel like Saeyoung would interrupt anyway.” He wishes his hands weren’t occupied with Stinky, he really wants Yoosung to hold him like they were doing earlier. “You can. You can still…” He trails off, but the way Yoosung’s eyes light up lets him know his point has been made. “I-if you want.”

“Of course I do.” He replies, inching closer again, but his head tilts down instead of just a little to the side. “But will you actually let me this time, Stinky? Just one. Maybe two.” Stinky looks pleased enough just having some of Saeran’s attention, so Yoosung looks back up with a smile. His eyes close, but Saeran keeps his open so he doesn’t miss. It’s just a soft, quick kiss that makes a soft little sound when Yoosung pulls back just enough.

“...maybe two?” He asks with a grin, peeking down at Stinky again.

“Maybe three.” Saeran suggests, bending down just enough to put Stinky down and he puts his arms around Yoosung’s neck again. Stinky is pawing at his leg, there’s even more ruckus in the living room - he’s sure that Saeyoung is peeking again - and Yoosung missed one of the cat hairs on his lip.

Whatever. They can always do better the next time.
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