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[Late entry, but I want to take part in EVERY one of these!] This game was an instant classic when it was released. At the time, I was a little 8 year old kid with a brand new Nintendo 64 with no knowledge of what video games were. Most of the time I had little to no idea what I was doing, but slowly as I picked up on it, it became my life. Think about how impressionable an 8 year old child is. Now think about how awesome Ocarina of Time's story and gameplay is. Need I say more? This game took about two years for me to beat, and it took many more years (and countless play-throughs) after that for me to fully understand and appreciate what this game is. Thinking back on it now, I am thankful and proud to say that I was part of the generation that grew up with Ocarina of Time.
@BRNKNG Very true. It's amazing to see what it once was and what it is now. What's hilarious and this is certainly not true for most gamers, but some can't play old school games. I know a couple of guys who are fantastic at today's games, but give them a go at Mario 3 or something and they rage quit. Lol!
This game is like 15 years old... but I still hum many of the ocarina songs, Saria's song especially, today
@yinofyang Haha yepp, the good old days. The industry sure has come a long way.
Beautiful! It was a very tough choice for me on my own card, between this and the one I ultimately picked. I began gaming on the Atari and remember opening up my first NES. Ah, those days were wonderful. When they released the 64 and this game, I was seriously excited. Ocarina of Time was something that totally took my breath away and is still a game I treasure greatly.