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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Boys Republic Royal Spotlight! Who is our new Royal Spotlight member?

That's right! Its no other @awkwardjazzy! Thank you for supporting Boys Republic with your AMS feature.
As our new Royal Spotlight Member, you get a prize! You get to chose one option.
option 1
A card dedicated to you with your choice of Bias spam, bias Wallpapers, bias Slideshow video or Bias one shot.
option 2
A day declared for your Boys Republic bias. We will only make your bias cards that day.
Congratulations @awkwardjazzy! Please let me know your choice soon.

I bet you are wondering how can I be the Next Royal Spotlight member? Its real easy to be our Royal Spotlight member. All you have to remember is to like, clip and most importantly comment in all Boys Republic cards. It also helps when you participate in our challenges and contests. See! It's real easy! Who will be our next Royal Spotlight?
Wah!!! Thank you for choosing me!!
Congratulations @awkwardjazzy!
@awkwardjazzy You're welcome!