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Today, I shall be proving le point. That not all maknaes are mean little ishes, how can all of them be one you have a precious angel like Yongseok?
Look at him, is that the actions of an evil ole meanie maknae, who's looking to wreck your bias list?? Nahhhhh, right?
Look at this!!! He is too precious, surely he won't wreck you bias list????
Nah, definitely not. He's too much of an innocent angel...
Think again! He's come to wreck that list....againヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
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Sorry for all the notifs guys, I kept messing a few things up
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I'm trying to stay away from maknae 😂
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I know not all maknaes are evil lol. Adorable too
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