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Hello Ikonics! I just saw Ikon on Music Core for their Comeback Stage performance! I just had to share it with you all! I'm sure you've seen already, but it is still worth sharing. They performed so Awesome! B.I. just killing it!
BDay! I love this song! It just pump you up!
Bling Bling! I also love this song! I had this song in my head while I was working yesterday. Bling Bling!

What did you think of their comeback performance?

😍😍😍thanks so much for sharing! I haven't seen them perform live yet
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@LiyahBoon you're welcome!
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I've been meaning to watch this! Thank for the reminder!❤️I'm still so ecstatic that our boys are back!
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@xoxorittie Yes me too!
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😂Sam felt the same way too! I'm sure a lot of us did
8 months ago