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She hung up. Raced over to the bedroom door and slammed it shut, locking it. She pushed whatever she could in front of it. She stepped back, listening to footsteps coming to the door.

Then the pounding started.

Noona couldn't believe this was happening. She couldn't figure out how he knew how to find her. Then she remembered, when she was sitting in the restaurant waiting, he had walked by but she had just brushed it off. While that singer was inside waiting, he was outside watching. “He followed us,” she looked to her unconscious friend, “He followed us chinguya, he followed us.”

The manager started kicking the door. It cracked with each kick. Then the lock popped. He shoved on the door, trying to get in.

Noona frantically made a call. She didn't know who she called and she didn't care. As soon as someone answered, she screamed for help.


“NOONA! WHERE ARE YOU?” she heard, it was her dark god’s voice, “NOONA!!”

The manager shoved the door all the way open, he came running at her, knocking the phone out of her hand, and pushing her to the floor. She could hear her dark god's voice yelling for her right before he stomped on her phone. She scrambled across the floor, trying to get away. He snatched her by the ankle. She kicked and screamed.

“When she told me what she found, I felt so disgusted. How could he be so careless to leave his seed in you… YOU of all people.” He backhanded her as he sat on top of her, “You and that thing you're carrying are going to ruin his life. But then it's probably not his either but either way, you're not going to have them and they'll never know about it.” He raised his hand to hit her again but she started laughing.

“He already knows.” She grinned at him, “He knows and he's coming for us.”

He glared at her and then punched her square in the face. Her head snapped back, hitting the floor. She grabbed her face, moaning in pain. He got up pulling a roll of duct tape from his back pocket. From between her fingers, she could see him.

“I wondered why he was being so cooperative” he said, he tore a long strip off, “It's not the first time I've had to get rid of someone like you in the condition you're in.”

“What about her? She did all that just so she could get to him. She was deceiving everyone, including him. I haven't deceived no one.” He grabbed her hands, trying to tape them together, “Look, I can leave. I'll go far away, I'll never come back. No one will ever know about this, about you.”

He got mad and threw his elbow down into her stomach. She cried out in pain. And just for the hell of it, he did it again. She started to cry, holding her stomach.

He grinned, “That little bitch was getting on my nerves. I was actually quite glad to see that truck hit her like that. No one will miss her.” The manager stood up, grabbing her by the ankle again and dragging her out of the bedroom, “According to that doctor's note, you sustained injuries to the abdominal muscles consistent with being kicked to the stomach. If I couldn't kick the shit out of you to make you lose it, then I guess I'm just going to have to do something else.”

Noona felt like she couldn't move, her muscles that were still recovering, felt damaged again. And the baby, she didn't want to do anything that could hurt him, otherwise this asshole would be hurting right now.

He dragged her through the living room, when they got to the front door, he pulled her up by her neck. He pulled out a piece of cloth, she knew what it was. She tried to pull away but he slapped her and punched her in the gut again, then covered her face with the cloth.

Noona tried not to breath in and held her breath. She felt him grab her hair and shake her around.

“Breathe!” He demanded. When she didn't, he punched her again. She screamed, taking in a deep breath from the pain.

Noona started to cry, her stomach hurt so bad, she thought about her baby god and little froggy, “I'm sorry my babies… I'm so sorry.” She cried right before the room went dark.


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