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Hello Royal Family! It is Suki and @MelissaGarza here to bring you the results of Friday night game results. Remember who ever picks the the member with the flower crown wins and special gift. I will give you the name and number of each flower and each flower's meaning with the member. So let's begin with the results!
1 Name of Flower: Kyoto
2 Name of Flower: Camelia
3 Name of Flower: MoMo
4 Name of Flower: Sakure (Japanese Cherry Blossom)
5 Name of Flower: Kosumosu

I hope you enjoyed the flowers and members! Now the moment everyone was waiting for the winner of our game night...drumroll please............

The person who choose #2 and picked Sunwoo is............@QueenPandaBunny! You are the winner of Boys Republic first mini album Identity! Please DM @MelissaGarza so she can that to you! Again congradulations! And I would like to thank everyone who participated! We really appreciate it and we thank you !
Until next time stay Royal!

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Congratulations @QueenPandaBunny!
Oh snaps!!!! I just took a guess on this!!!!
@QueenPandaBunny Its your lucky day!
Thanks doll!!!