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Im currently in the process of creating props and i thought i would share my process.
A lot of people use worbla or eva foam, which ive used both before. there's nothing wrong with either and there are tons of tutorials but I wanted to try something different this time around.

I'm using something called poly plastic. Which are pretty much just plastic beads.
Instead of melting these down via a double boiler im actually doing a mixture of equal parts of the beads and flour and baking it. (1/2 cup beads, 1/2 cup flour).

once it is melted, i roll it out like dough
i do small potions when heating it up. i use a heat gun to reheat as needed. it cools very quickly and turns to a super hard pastic.
this is the start of my lux staff. (im using cardboard as my base)

and this is a finished piece. it needs some smoothing but its the shoulder skull for Xayah.

works in progess!
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