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I've never seen a series where their own fanbase that dedicated their time and love the series for what it is to go out of their way to shit on the series because rather than things going as they supposed to in the story but not going as they wanted. They tell TG author to go kill himself for not making their gay fantasies canon so they can go masturbate all day to it instead of actually reading the story and knowing the characters for what they were. There are many of these kinds of problem within fanbases where the fanbase (and by I mean fanbase, I mean retarded fangirls) wanted or already did drop the series, burn their manga books which they spend money on thinking that it will make a difference, and talk all kind of dog shit about the series because their ship didn't end up canon like it was "supposed to because I wanna see straight guys become gay but then I realize why I can't find a guy in real life so I'm gonna blame it on the author". It's just retarded people being retarded and by people, I mean fangirls.