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I woke to the sound of two people. They were moaning and groaning. I sighed and covered my face with my pillow. They are at it again.
This is going to drive me insane. They do this often and act like they don't know other people don't live in this house. This is a boarding house. Multiple tenants can live here at a time. But it's just me and them for the moment. And I feel like I can't take this any longer. But I can't leave.
I get out of bed and head to their room. I bang on their door and they stop shortly. I walk back to my room and get back into bed.
Finally, I can go back to sleep.

Later that morning, I walk into the living room to see them cuddling on the couch. They are laughing and kissing. I sigh and roll my eyes; making my way to the refrigerator. After getting an apple, I make my way back to my room.
I don't spend much time with them. They act like I don't exist and I just ignore them as best as I can. I hear his girlfriend walk up the stairs, I think her name is Sora...I don't know.
She was about to head out to work and had to get dressed. I walked out when she exited their shared room. She was walking to the stairs and putting on her blazer. Her purse in hand. When she gets to the staircase, she sets her bag down and tries to fix the cuff on her jacket. She steps to the right and her ankle hits her bag. It falls down the stairs.
Falls down the stairs.
All the way down the stairs.
All the way down the stairs.

"Kihyun! I can't believe you're acting this way. I thought you'd be happy to hear this." I yell at him.
"Why the hell would I be happy?!" He yells back.
"Because you love me. I thought you wouldn't mind us having a baby." I look at him, shocked.
He runs a hand through his hair.
"I don't think this is working out." He murmurs, walking past me.
"What?" I turn to him.
"I think we should break up." He says.
"Why?! What did I do wrong?" I ask, incredulous.
"It's just....there is someone else." He looks away.
"There is another girl?" I feel a tear fall from my eye.
"There has always been another girl. She and I have been seeing each other for three years." He confesses.
"Three years?! You two had been together for half of our relationship?! Why?! Was I not good enough for you?!" I ask him, my emotions getting the best of me.
"Yeah. I guess you can say that." He made his way to the staircase.
"Where are you going?" I ask him, following.
"I have a date with her soon. When I get back, I would like you to be gone." He says, his voice emotionless.
"No! I'm not leaving." I run to the staircase and block his path.
"Move, (Y/N)." He sighs.
"No! You're not leaving me." I tell him as he tries to push past me.
"I said move!" He pushes me and I lose my balance.
Backwards, I fall down the stairs. My back hits the steps.
My arms try to brace my fall.
My head hits the floor.
Then everything went black.
I see myself, on the floor. Eyes open. But no life behind my irises. I was dead.
He walked down the stairs and picked me up. He carried me to the backyard and grabbed a shovel.
I watched.
As the love of my life.
Buried my lifeless body.
In the backyard of our house.
He pat the dirt down so it seems as if nothing happened. He went upstairs and got dressed again. He headed out the house like nothing happened.
He went to the date like nothing happened.
He lived his life....
I gasped and watched her as she left the house.
He killed me.
I'm dead. I have been dead this entire time.
I couldn't believe it. He killed me!
Anger started to boil inside me.
'I couldn't believe he killed me. So he can be with that bitch.' I thought to myself.
'He's going to pay for what he did to me.' I looked down at my stomach and placed a hand there. 'What he did to us.'

The next two years have been bliss. Well, for me of course. Kihyun found out that Sora had been cheating on him with her client. She got married to the other guy and took all of Kihyun's money with her. He lived in a run down apartment in a bad neighborhood. He worked at an office where his boss hated him.
It was hilarious. He treated me like shit and now it's his turn.
He sat in his apartment looking at his TV. He had a soju bottle next to him.
He was drunk. I could use that to my advantage.
The TV flickered as I grew more and more powerful. I cut the power throughout the house. He sat up quickly and looked around.
"Did I forget to pay the power bill?" He says aloud. I laugh to myself. He looks around, shocked.
I guess he heard me.
"Who's there?" He stood up and looked around.
" don't remember."
He gasps. "(Y/N)?...."
" are smart."
"What are you doing here? Where are you?" He looks around.
I sit on his bed.
"Yoohoo!" I tease. He stumbles back when he sees me.
"How did you get here?" He asks.
"I followed you. You did kill me. So I guess we are connected." I shrug.
His eyes widen.
"Oh yeah. I still remember that. And frankly, I didn't really appreciate it." I stand up and walk towards him. He steps back. I turn towards his pants drawer and retrieve the gun he got when he moved down here.
"I always wondered why you got this." I twirl the gun in my hands as I paced back and forth in his room. I look to see he has a scared look on his face.
"Oh? Are you afraid?" I tilt my head to the side. "You should be."
"Why are you doing this?" He found his words.
"Why?! Dude, you killed me. And not just me. You killed our son..." I walk over to him. "I'm not doing this for myself. I'm doing this for him."
"It was a boy?" He asks, falling to his knees.
"Yes. A boy." I stand over him. Gun in hand.
"Can I ask something?" He says. I guess he figured out his end was inevitable.
"You might as well." I say, putting the gun to his temple and wrapping his fingers around the handle.
"What were you going to name him?" He asks.


Then I pulled the trigger.