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Hello Topp Klass! Its Melissa with Topp Dogg Topp Klass! Who is our new member for Topp Klass? Let's find out...

Its no other then @destiny1419! Congratulations! Let's take the time to Congratulate her! Thank you for supporting Topp Dogg!
For being our new Topp Klass, you get to pick a prize.
Option 1
A card dedicated to you with your choice of bias spam, Bias wallpapers, bias Slideshow video or bias one shot.
Option 2
A day declared for your bias! All that day we will be posting cards for your bias.
Please let me know your choice.
Congratulations @destiny1419!

Now you are wondering how can you be our next Topp Klass? Its real easy! All you have to do is like, clip and most importantly comment in every Topp Dogg card. What also helps is participating in our challenges and events. The person who does most of these, will be our next Topp Klass.
Good Luck Everyone!
Topp Klass Mod Squad

❦ Topp Klass Bebes ❦

Congratulations @destiny1419!
@destiny1419 Sure you can. Thank you for your support.
Ooh Cool 😄 Would I be able to get BJoo wallpapers ! Thank you😊