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Today we have another acrostic poem, this time for our current Group of the Week - VAV. I took their name and elements from a few song titles to make this. Hope y'all enjoy~

Very dedicated
And hard working
Vigilant and determined

Doing everything for their fans
Applying themselves one hundred and ten percent
Never stop practicing, or
Coming up with new music
Even when they are tired and worn out

Fighting their way to the top
Loving every chance to be on stage
Or recording in the studio
Working hard whenever they can
Everything is done for those who support them
Racing to give fans great music and performances

Maybe they're not as popular
Or widely known to kpop lovers
Or winning constant awards
Nevertheless they continue to give their all, and
Love their fans
Invigorated by their continued support
Gaining more every week
Hoping to make their fans happy, and continue
To provide them amazing music

Hope y'all enjoyed the poem. Sorry it's not good (I really need to get back into writing more to give you better works)

Anywho, please share any creative works you've made or love for this wonderful group! I'd love to see them.

Hope you have a wonderful day, night, week, and weekend~

***Edit, since I've been gone and am still trying to figure out this update, for now the images will have to be links. I'll keep trying to get the actual gifs and images to load properly in the meantime***