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For the glorious piece of Chocolate. Part one of Cha Cha's Birthday surprise for the telephone game.
Last year you had gotten it all wrong, the wrong cake, the wrong date, the wrong present and last year, despite all the disaster of your mistakes, Chase still loved you and loved everything you did for him. He enjoyed watching you panic, you were sure of it. When things went wrong and you found out the cake was his least favorite flavor and you bought him the wrong headset he was looking at, you felt like you ruined his entire day. No that wouldn't happen for a second year, you were determind to get it right this time. White cake was what he liked but not the pink frosting that had an after taste that tasted like poison. Then there was his present, you knew he wanted this, too many times you two had passed the music shop and he talked about getting it all the time. It was alot of money so you had been saving up a lot to buy it for him. Like a lot. Nothing was too good for Cha Cha though, after everything he's done for you, he's been there for your ups and downs, he's seen you at your worst. Like evil Queen of the west Coast and then even more evil in Asia. I mean you had your reasons and he understood that which was why you loved him so much. He didn't excuse your evilness but he didn't leave you because of it. It happened once in a blue moon where even Chase would feel like he would react the same as you. So he was good to you. Sometimes far more good than you believed you deserved which was why you made ten times the effort to make sure that he had a happy happy birthday.

Chase liked surprises but last time the guys threw him a suprise someone was too close to him and he swung off instinct and by someone I mean you. So you'd just have to remember that for this time. Then there was a theme, it couldn't be anything lame but you asked Jay to come and help you get one that was good. He suggested strippers and you smacked him upside the head.

"Yah! This isn't for you this is for Cha Cha!" You yelled at him.

He chuckled,

"I know that's why I suggested it."

You glared at him.

"Oh come on, it would be cool. His girlfriend is okay with him getting a lap dance. I mean it's what happens at bachelor parties."

"Jay I said no. Look I want AOMG parties to be different from Cha Cha's birthday celebration okay, it has to be something special. Something to erase the disaster his birthday was last year."

"Yeah that was pretty bad." He laughed.

"I will hit you over the head with a frying pan." you threatend him.

He laughed,

"Okay look. I've got a good idea that I think even you would agree to." he said.

He leaned over and whispered in your ear about all the things that you could do for Cha Cha. Some were beautifully creative for all the guest that would be there and the last half was so dirty you kind of felt like you had cheated on Cha cha just by listening to Jay's filthy suggestion. Still, he might like all of those things. So you agreed to all of them.

This was all done the week before, the cake was already ordered and headed to AOMG. Duckie and Gray were setting up the banner. The party favors were small samplers of liquor that Jay put together with his own money. Simon was placing gifts on the table from guest and you were waiting for his mother and father to enter. He'd be so happy to see them, he was bummed about not being able to go back home for his birthday to see his folks but he said he was happy to spend it with you. You weren't like the thing he was setting for but you knew he would've been happy to see them. You had the idea to invite his parents but Jay bought the tickets for them to come and you set up their hotel reservations. Everything was coming along very well. You loved every part of the party, you had created a special playlist for Cha Cha's birthday all his favorite songs from when he was a kid and now. Wegun and Pumpkin were the DJ's of course. You called up Cha Cha earlier telling him to come home early and he said he would. Then you had gotten a call from Jay that you pretended was from your job so you apologized to him and told him that you had to reschedule, this was all to get him out of the AOMG building for the set up and then Loco stepped in to help keep Chase out of AOMG long enough to get his parent here. Once they landed they had called you and you went and picked them up with Simon. You were so excited to see them again and his mother had brought him a present as well. His parents were always so kind towards you, you understood why Chase was so accepting of you. It made you laugh. You guys headed back to AOMG and Jay called Chase to tell him and Loco to get back to AOMG, there was an emergency with one of their tracks. You guys turned off the lights and waited. After about twenty minutes, the door started to creek open...

Sunshine Squad: @Parktaemi @TwistedPDnim

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