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I'm putting up the second part of this story, finally decided what group!!! its no shocker, I like writing w/bts lol

Chapter two. “We're going to Korea we're going to Korea!” I chanted as we sat at the airport waiting for the plane. “Allie stop, your freaking me out” Haley said groaning next to me. “I'm sorry, I'm excited over this. Berry said we already have 3 shows booked for the first week we are there” I grinned “We're supposed to see if we book anymore if we are going to stay. I'm so nervous though. I mean we don't know that much Korean” Haley said. “You've been brushing up on it though. Besides the majority of people understand English so its less worrisome. I'm actually more afraid the people won't get some of the jokes” I sighed. “You girls will do fine. Your even going to be on a radio show and if that goes well they will have you on a TV segment” berry said interrupting us. He had a bag of snacks and drinks in his hands. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a few more people entering our area of waiting and take seats. A group of girls trailed after them cell phones out trying to take video of them. The group must be someone famous I thought to myself. “i'll be right back” I said standing up. “Where are you going?’ Haley asked “Bathroom” I said grabbing my purse. “Oh I'll go too, Berry watch our stuff for us” haley said standing up. We made our way to the bathroom, in the stall I pulled out my peppermint essential oil and applied a few drops to my skin to sooth the cramps I was having. It took fast action and I sighed happy the cramping eased up. 5 minutes later when we were back sitting at our seats I had an odd burning sensation start, when I realized what I had done horror struck which turned into embarrassment and than bursting out laughing as I squeezed my legs together. “What is wrong with you?” Haley questioned. “Nothing. Nothing” I shook my head even as I laughed. “Okay a lot but I'm okay” I said wiping a tear from my eye. “Come on tell me. I'm curious now” haley insisted. After settling down I turned to look at her. “I seriously should put oils on after I use the bathroom. Freaking tampon just had to be changed” I said. Once it dawned on her that the oil was burning me up inside, she burst out laughing. “Omg omg Allie it's like the time with the bleach when you rubbed your eyes after cleaning “ Haley was so busy laughing that she hasn't noticed the glances the two of them were getting. “I have issue I know” I sighed “Do you recognize the hot guys over there?* I asked Haley. “Dunno, fan girls are in the way, go over and ask . . .I'll go ask” she said rethinking that. I watched as she walked over and asked one of the girls who it was. Berry had gone off leaving me to look at the free show in front of me as pain subsided. I shifted and it flared making me gasp. I stood up abruptly wanting to fix this and went to tell Haley to watch our stuff. I don't know how I lost her but as I approached keeping an eye on our bags I made my way around the group of girls hovering so that I could find Haley. Bumping into someone, security who told me to back off. “I'm just looking for my friend” I gritted out. “Step aside ma’am we need this area secure. Backing away I sighed and went back to the bags, which Haley is as back at now. “Good your here I lost you for a minute” I said. “You won't believe who it is!” She sounded so excited. “Hales I'll be right back I really got to fix this problem now” I said backing away. Before she could tell me I ran to the bathroom. Water, relieve. I was feeling much better as I emerged from the bathroom. Someone bumped into me walking the same way as me making me look. I stopped and stared at the guy. “Sorry” he said bowing his head slightly. “Rumpelstiltskin!” I exclaimed. He stopped and turned to look at me completely confused. “What?” He was genuinely confused. “Rumpelstiltskin” I said again then shook my head “wait rumple, RM, rap monster, Namjoon, there we go got your name right” I laughed mostly at myself and my random way of remembering his name. Feeling as if I just embarrassed myself completely I shook my head “okay I'm done thank you for the material see you” I waved and was about to walk away. “What was that?” Namjoon questioned stopping me. “Me trying to remember your name” I said slowly which made him laugh. “Are you an Army?” Namjoon asked. “Uh no, I'm too weak to be in the army and green isn't really my color” I said with his confused look I went on. “I'm patriotic in my own way and I respect the people who go into the military, I just am not cut out for it myself” I added and all of a sudden he was laughing. We were walking back to the gate now. “Army is a fandom” he said. “Oh” I made a noise “I knew that” I said I didn't know that. “So you know my name but not the group I'm in?” Namjoon asked. “Oh no, I know the group” I said. “I have a weird way of remembering names though” I said. “This is my gate” Namjoon said stopping, security guards were coming over now. “Mine too”. I said “wait why are you in america?” My nose crinkled as I asked but he was already walking away.


Wait a second...radio show? Bleach in the eyes from cleaning, pictures of Rap Monster and Jungkook, the comment about the chocolate from SugaKookieV, 2 girls..is ths some sort of alternate dimension/spin-off of Kookie Monster?? I like it, did she follow Rap Monster from the bathroom to the gate tho? I love how she remembered his name and the part about the army, it was great
haha this is all @sweetduella I have nothing to do with this story...minus...ya know some moments that she uses....lol
hahaha I love how you scream a random name
it got a reply! 😂 😂😂