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While she was coming to, lights were flashing by, she could hear the radio playing, every now and then her body bounced. Then she realized, she was in the back of a car. Her head was pounding and she wanted to throw up.

The car came to a stop.

She shut her eyes and tried to pretend to be still knocked out. The door opened, he pulled her out by her feet. He covered her with a blanket before completely getting her out and throwing her over his shoulder. They went through a door, she could smell food, she could hear the sound of dishes clinking. Then it got quiet, then a thudding sound that soon turned into club music. Then that soon faded away.

They walked in through a door. Someone greeted him.

“What is it that's so damn important that you wake me at this hour?”

“I need you to take care of something. You're the only one.” The manager said. He dropped noona onto a hard table and uncovered her. “Get rid of it ...before she wakes up”

“You think something like that is simple and free to do?”

She could hear the manager unzip his coat, “There should be enough there for now, more once it's confirmed it's gone.” the manager said.

The other guy chuckled, “Are you going to watch?”

Noona heard the door open and close. Then she heard the guy going through drawers, pulling things out. Then she felt his gloved fingers on her ankles, straightening her legs out, he started pulling her shorts down. She felt his hands slide up her things, in a hungry perverted feel, he groaned as he grabbed her hips and pulled her down towards him at the end of the table and bending her knees up.

“Mmm you're so pretty… Maybe I can have some fun before I get started.”

She felt his tongue on the inside of her thigh, his hand groping her. She opened her eyes and lifted her head, looking at him in disgust. His eyes went wide seeing her looking at him. She kicked him in the face, sending him flipping backwards over his stool. She rolled off the table, looking for her shorts.

“Hey!” The guy yelled trying to get up off the floor.

Noona ran over and kicked him again across the head, knocking him over again. She seen her shorts and put it on and ran out the door.

The hallway was long in either direction and she tried to recall the direction they had come from. She panicked and ran when she heard that guy trying to open the door.

She passed by that thudding sound she heard earlier, she seen a door and pushed it open. The music was loud and the lights were bright. The door had opened right behind the dj. He looked back at her surprised and went back to what he was doing. She ran past him into the crowd on the floor. She got pushed from left to right, her bare feet getting stepped on but she pushed her way through. She got to the bar and asked for a phone. The bartender looked at her curiously before handing it to her.

Her fingers worked fast hitting the only number she could remember.

It rang and rang. Then someone picked up.

“Hello” her baby gods voice was barely audible over the noise.

“I don't know where I'm at!” she cried into the phone, “I don't know…” she looked around and seen the manager sitting at the other end of the bar looking out at the crowd, watching some young girls dancing in front of him. She ducked down.

“Where are you?!?” She heard him yell into the phone.

She peered over the bar and seen him stand up all of a sudden and take off across the crowded floor.

“Shit… shit…” she got up and tried to signal the bartender over but he was too busy. “I don't know where I am, baby, he's going to find me. Please… “

“Go outside and just run. Find some place safe. Try to call me when you do. Okay? I'll come for you.”

After hanging up, she stood up on a bar stool and looked around. She seen where people were coming in and made her way in that direction. Once she was outside, the air was refreshing, she took a deep breath and took off running. She ran four or five blocks before realizing where she was. She couldn't believe it. She knew this corner, she knew that coffee shop. She ran past it for another two blocks and came to the company building.

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