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kkkkkkkkkkk it's Kim Heejin, Kim Heejin kkkkkkk ah this is so funny, this kkkkkkk Jung EunJi is really cute. Girls who use regional dialects are cute.. Sigh.... Since members aren't here, I end up watching all sorts of dramas.. (Back then) I only watched Hourglass and On Air.. ___________________________________ Finished watching <Reply 1994> and is now watching 1997 too, and the mom and dad are same as 1994's. It's Jung EunJi, Jung EunJi!! I thought it was Simon D that said it kkkk Does this one also have people that (sound) like Yunho and DongHaek? Kk if it is 97, (was it) Inkigayo? Was it after Tae Sa Ja? Was it when Sechskies was singing 'Chivalry' then the stage lights went off? My sister was saying "What to do what to do ㅠㅠ" and I said "You're overreacting." And we fought.. ___________________________________ In Busan, with friends and dongsaengs.. Ah, I want to go to Busan..