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Remember when we went crazy over topless photos of Gong Yoo on set of his new movie “The Suspect?” Well, the image of the actor getting dressed is as just as charming. On November 8, Gong Yoo’s agency, SOOP, released a photo on Twitter of the actor with the caption, “Commercial filming waiting room. Even though he seems to not be paying attention, we release to you Gong Yoo’s mannerism through his manner legs as he lowers his height down for the female staff.” Gong Yoo dressed “Manner Legs,” as demonstrated above by Gong Yoo, is when a tall male celebrity will stretches his legs apart to match the height of female celebrities or staff. Moreover, the nonchalant expression of the actor shows that such mannerisms come naturally to him. Thus, it can be justified that the charm and charisma of Gong Yoo is not simply in his appearance, but in his personality and character which shined through the manners shown in the released behind the scene photo. Gong Yoo once again proves his lovable nature on- and off-screen through the candid photo. Thanks for being a great role model Gong Yoo!
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Lol @hebamaher I love manner legs it's so cool how it comes naturally to be so polite to ppl shorter than you I have friends in the states that would tell me to grow taller instead