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The current it-boy actor Lee Jong Suk is thinking of fulfilling this duty as a Korean male citizen sooner than expected. It has been reported that the actor has undergone a physical examination at the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration Office on November 8. This is the first required step for all men prior to their official enlistment. He is currently waiting for the results. A representative revealed, “As he has reached the age when military service becomes relevant, he decided to undergo the examination. He will soon go to the Military Administration Office and be tested once more. We will soon be informed of the decision. As military service is the duty of every Korean citizen, he will fulfill it no matter how the results turn out. However, he will not be enlisting immediately, but most likely after pursuing his activities for a while. He is slowly preparing for the enlistment.” Lee Jong Suk is currently enjoying great popularity and has even earned the title “a man that all older women want to date.” Through his impressive acting in dramas like “Secret Garden,” “School 2013,” and “I Hear Your Voice” and movies “Korea,” “The Face Reader,” and “No Breathing,” he has become one of the most-sought after actors of the year.