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Model and actor Kim Woo Bin portrayed his silly side when he showed his best impersonation of Park Hyung Shik. On the November 6 episode of SBS’ “Midnight TV Entertainment,” Kim Woo Bin described the nature of “The Heirs” filming atmosphere. As the actor plays the role of (edited) Choi Young Do who rivals Lee Min Ho’s character Kim Tan, Kim Woo Bin described how he felt working on the set of the drama. Despite the fast paced drama filming, the comfortable filming atmosphere between the actors on set was reflected when Kim Woo Bin jokingly revealed, “Lee Min Ho is the oldest among the actors acting as students. Since we have Lee Min Ho, there is a feeling of security.” kim woo bin park hyun shik In addition, regarding cast member Park Hyung Shik, Kim Woo Bin expressed, “Laughter always erupts whenever I film with Hyung Shik. He is a very loveable friend,” showing the two actor’s close relationship. The highlight of the interview, however, was when Kim Woo Bin temporarily dismissed his manly image by impersonating Park Hyung Shik’s often used aegyo while on set of “The Heirs.” SBS’s “The Heirs” broadcasts every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9PM KST.