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Hello Royal Family! It's Suki with an anniversary letter to Suwoong. I will be bring a letter to each member each day till their anniversary.
Dear Suwoong,
Happy Anniversary! It has been 4 years now since your debute with Boys Republic. I want to thank you for giving me such great music and entertainment these past four years. You look so young during your predebut days.
Then on June 5, 2013, you debut with Boys Republic.
You continue to entertain me. You continue to post on social media and interact with me. Even though sometimes it is the wee hours in the morning, when I hear my phone ding and I check and it says that you are live on Vline or Instagram, I hurry to log in. I have to see what funny things or what inspiring words you have to say for me today.

I want to say thank you! Thank you for being part of Boys Republic bringing me such joy! Thank you for being so concerned of your Royal Family fans and to entertain us! Thank you for being you! I want to say thank you and to keep up the great work. I will continue to support you and the boys! Please stay healthy and keep being you! Oh and keep smiling!
Love your Royal Family Fan,

Well I hope you enjoyed my letter! Until next time, stay Royal!

Royal squad
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I love it! That's the sweetest thing I've ever read 😍
Aw thank you!