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Hello everyone! I'm finally here for E'Dawn Sunday! Our theme is favorite outfits and this was so difficult, everything E'Dawn wears is incredible in one way or another so it was hard to pick. Anyways, here are my favorite outfits!
First off the Can You Feel It era was good to Pentagon and we got some gorgeous outfits from it! E'Dawns red checkered jacket (from Saint Laurent if I remember correctly) looks incredible on him, it really compliments his look for this era and the cut actually looks great for him. Also from the Can You Feel It Era is that gorgeous (what looks like) snakeskin jacket (No idea where that came from, if you know please tell me!) The colors ae beautiful and E'Dawn, of course, rocks it!
Next up the beautiful blue and red sweater, I don't know where he got this one but its gorgeous! I love the colors and they compliment him so well!
Lastly, any outfit from Triple H promotions! I absolutely ADORE the style all three members had in Triple H and I wish I knew how to get my hands on it all! He looks so laid back in most of the outfits and I love that style on him.

Thank you for joining me!

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Wow! Not everyone can wear fur like that but he wears it well 😍
Ah, this is the cutest thing!!