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It's been a while since I've done a MysMe experiential... So I'm on Zen's route going for Bad Story Ending 3. I'm on Day 9 just past when Bad Story Ending 2 is, so the Echo Girl scandal storm has kinda largely passed, but I needed to rant a little over the last 24 hours with him...
So he's in crisis, and here I am wishing I could visit him now since he seems to need it more than when I actually visited cuz all I want to do is cuddle with him and tell him it'll be okay, right?
Then Jumin calls to say this:
*pauses to appreciate and laugh at how much of a complete and adorable tsundere Jumin is and how defensive he gets when you call him nice XD*
So I occasionally follow through trying to call Zen since I've been playing around more with outgoing calls as I've been replaying, and also because phone calls may be my favorite feature in this game! โ™ก
But every time I get this:
Except the one time he did answer just to say "leave me alone for now" without even letting me speak, which I get needing some space, but work with me a little, dude! I never had this problem with Yoosung... Funny how the one time I'm explicitly told to call a character he never answers! So many hourglasses wasted... but at least I've saved up a fuckton!

So since I'm going for a bad ending from here on, I'm allowing myself to be openly salty with him about that, so I got a different text exchange than usual (since sometimes they change depending on the chatroom happenings):
But GAH it's so hard to stay mad at him, especially when I imagine him nudging and winking at me like he does as I pout! >.< โ™ก I'll hold him to that, though, minding the fact that he's getting back to work now instead of moping!

As always, sorry about my rambling and hope I didn't just bore you to tears! ^^; And if you made it this far, thank you for reading! Hope you got at least a little chuckle or something out of it!

Tagging my Mystic sisters! Let me know if you wanna be added or removed!
It's been a minute since I played myself
I mean, I've been playing basically non-stop ๐Ÿ˜… (it kinda stabilizes me in a way...) I just haven't had anything I've been compelled to share... This will be my last Bad Story Ending in the Casual Story. I think I'll work on 707 next... I'm kinda curious how you kept getting snagged on those tbh, so I'm excited to see how those go lol Also I kinda wanna save Jumin's for last as I expect those will be fun...
Lol, my mini break ended up becoming a month long thing. I am gonna get back into it since there was a new update
That's my Zenny. ๐Ÿ˜™ So lovable! ๐Ÿ˜‚
Yes, plz tag me I recently just got consumed by the fandom (I spoiled myself too much which got me into the otome game).. Like I just wanted an otome game to play on sob- ;โ€”; x'D
lol okay!
I finished Zen's route weeks ago and got the good end. Then I played the after story & valentine day story. Now All I have to do is unlock the Christmas and April fool day's episode.