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In The Heirs, episode 10, Choi Young Do(played by Kim Woo Bin) hugged Cha Eun Sang(played by Park Shin Hye) in front of Kim Tan(played by Lee Min Ho). Previously, as Yoo Ra Hel(played by Kim Ji Won) lifted her hand to slap Eun Sang, Young Do stopped her and said, “She’s mine from now. I’m the only one who can torture her.” Then he dragged Eun Sang to the corner. Eun Sang stared at him and said, “This is more like you.” Young Do replied, “Do you know me? I haven’t showed my everything to you yet.” Just then, he saw Tan approaching from Eun Sang’s back and quickly hugged her.
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ep.11 i cant w8...omo...u think this scene...havng a big trouble to all theme....ooommmooo....
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i think cha eun sang will solve this proplame
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ooommmooo....i found the vdeo for ep 11 in fb...ooommmooo...so excited...i love kim tan...he always save eun sang...kT kick YD to swim fool...bcoz YD he push Eun Sang...ooommmooo....fighting...aja...aja...hw i feel i haven like kT in my life...
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@2nell @leegloria22 do u watch the preview for ep11...oommmooo...im so excited and i cant w8...i foud the vdeo on fb,...
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help my I want to see it where someone send my the address
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