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Obviously Kpop has changed all of our lives in some way.

Sometimes just tiny details, and sometimes in a huuuuuge way!

I wanted to share a few random ways that Kpop changed me (besides the obvious like learning Korean haha)

1. Drinking more coffee

I was always more of a tea drinker, but when I started getting into Infinite (Sungyeol biased) he talked so much about only drinking Americanos that I started to try to drink coffee more. I'm still a tea-lover but I drink coffee all the time now :) Side note: Sungyeol actually had to stop drinking so much coffee because it was negatively affecting his health! Be careful with caffiene haha!

2. Being braver with fashion!

I was never super afraid to try dress however I wanted, but there were plenty of things I thought I could just never pull off. But thanks to the semi-ridiculous and over the top fashion in the Kpop world, I've learned to just try anything! Its all about confidence anyway :)

3. Getting into a fandom

I was a huge fan of a lot of things growing up, but I never felt part of a "fandom" if that makes sense. Kpop was the first time I felt like I had people to talk to, to freak out with, etc. It felt good and now I feel like other things I'm a fan of feel a little bit...empty? Thanks fam ;)

How did Kpop change YOU?!

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I would say... 1 language - I learned to read and say some Korean phrases. 2 clothes - living in America, there's a lot of brands like Gap, Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren etc but I tend to go to Korean fahion shops cause I like the styles better. 3 skin care - used to buy Clinic, Estee Lauder, and even Shiseido but my skin tends to react after a few months so I had to keep looking for something new. Then I tried Korean skin care Sulwashoo and The history of Fu... omg my skin has improved so much that I get lots of compliments. Also I use a lot of face mask. 4 looks - I'm Chinese but when I was younger people always try to talk to me in Japanese. Now they speak to me in Korean. 5 make-up I love the Korean natural look, make-up that just accentuate one's beauty.
1- definitely fashion. it helped me find a style that I really liked 2- where I wanted to travel. I've always wanted to travel the world but since Kpop I have this great desire to go to Asia. 3-guys I'm attracted to . my type and my standards for men have drastically changed 4- hair. I reeeaallly want to go crazy with my hair color
Kpop had change my life in small ways. Well maybe in big ways. Because of kpop, I mostly watch k dramas and others like Chinese and Thai. Because of kpop, I don't listen to American music as much. Because of kpop, even my hobbies had changed. I used crotchet and watch movies, but now I make cards for the groups I support, and trying to write more fan fiction. What really changed about me, I devoted most of my free time on kpop. I used to read, and do other stuff with my family. So yeah, kpop had changed my life.
Definitely the fashion was a huge one for me... I have a very English conservative family ... but the rest not so much... I grew up in a very Asian community outside of my family(I'm Caucasian) but I always felt really at home in it... from learning the languages to the culture, to kpop, kdrama, to anime and Japanese drama, Taiwanese and Chinese drama and even some Thai 😉 I'm simply nuts lol hmm... also I'm a music and coffee holic so no change there but I will tell you how much I love the fandoms... as I said I've always been attached to the Asian side of life but I got alot of weird looks and insults... still do... but with family fandoms I don't have to keep things to myself and can go crazy with people who love the same... so in conclusion.. THANK YOU FAN-DAMILY!!! Love you guys!
I grew up in a very conservative and restricting Christian family, and I was hardly ever allowed to listen to secular (non-Christian) music. Music was, is, and will always be my passion, so because my passion was so limited, it put a lid on my happiness. When I discovered kpop, the music that's so upbeat, catchy, fancy, fun, and heart-felt, It made me SO happy. I too had been conservative, too afraid to break out of my shell and be who I wanted to be because I wasn't allowed to. When I played kpop, my parents couldn't get mad, because they couldn't understand what the heck they were saying! As time passed, I started writing my own English lyrics to songs and singing them, which led me to discover that I have a gift in composing and singing. I started breaking through my shell. Basically, kpop is a gift God gave to me to help me break through my shell and discover more of myself.