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Obviously Kpop has changed all of our lives in some way.

Sometimes just tiny details, and sometimes in a huuuuuge way!

I wanted to share a few random ways that Kpop changed me (besides the obvious like learning Korean haha)

1. Drinking more coffee

I was always more of a tea drinker, but when I started getting into Infinite (Sungyeol biased) he talked so much about only drinking Americanos that I started to try to drink coffee more. I'm still a tea-lover but I drink coffee all the time now :) Side note: Sungyeol actually had to stop drinking so much coffee because it was negatively affecting his health! Be careful with caffiene haha!

2. Being braver with fashion!

I was never super afraid to try dress however I wanted, but there were plenty of things I thought I could just never pull off. But thanks to the semi-ridiculous and over the top fashion in the Kpop world, I've learned to just try anything! Its all about confidence anyway :)

3. Getting into a fandom

I was a huge fan of a lot of things growing up, but I never felt part of a "fandom" if that makes sense. Kpop was the first time I felt like I had people to talk to, to freak out with, etc. It felt good and now I feel like other things I'm a fan of feel a little bit...empty? Thanks fam ;)

How did Kpop change YOU?!

Kpop didnt change me that much, the one major thing it did change was leading me to find Vingle ! With no body around me to share my Kpop love I looked for apps where I would be able to connect and share with people that liked kpop as well. And thats when I met all you lovely people who helped me come out of my shell more and be more open about liking something that is "different". 😄
totally same! i didnt have any kpop friends to talk to before i found this <3
I would say that KPOP changed me into someone I am proud to be. I'm bolder, I'm more culturally aware of things not just in Korea, and I'm happier with life itself. I wouldn't trade KPOP for anything in the universe........I love it with all my heart.
kpop has helped in many ways. Fashion was one and learning the language along with being myself. I always feel at home or a different person. the one thing I have noticed is how much I has improved with my art. kpop is apart of me that will always stay.
i love this <3
Kpop helped me in many ways but I feel like I'm part of a family with all the different groups. In times of panick or feeling nervous before something I usually listen to kpop and it makes me feel better. And yes there fashion is a little crazy and it's the only one I feel if I follow it, it won't be an easy fashion to judge.
I agree that Kpop can really calm me down!
it made me want to be a better person and it also made me more considerate towards people, it gave me hope for humanity and society- and my mom said kpop isn't good for you😒 I used to be a stuck up brat that bullied other kids so...which one would you rather have in the world? That's what I thought, mom. It's not like I could escape the fandom even if I wanted to anyway😅
hahaha so true! so many good role models in kpop :)
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