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I didn't play too many games as a kid (my parents didn't really care for them, so we never had any consoles and only a couple PC games). But one game that does stand out was Star Trek: Starfleet Academy... you became a cadet at the academy and flew a bunch of simulated missions in classic Star Trek ships. Your instructors were the crew of the original Enterprise (played by the original actors), and there were a lot of between-mission scenes where you could make choices that would affect the rest of the game. It was a pretty long game, and I really enjoyed it!
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Interplay would go on to create the original Fallout, and later on Baldur's Gate amd Dishonored.
4 years ago·Reply
Interplay would go on to create the original Fallout series, and later on Baldur's Gate and the Descent series.
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oh wow, actual actors were in this thing? Must be one hella game!
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@YinofYang @Get2daChoppa Yeah, having the original actors was pretty cool!
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@BRNKNG Ah, that's one I absolutely loved, Baldur's Gate. I played the hell out of Baldur's Gate II.
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