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Gamer Challenge #1 - Starfleet Academy

I didn't play too many games as a kid (my parents didn't really care for them, so we never had any consoles and only a couple PC games). But one game that does stand out was Star Trek: Starfleet Academy... you became a cadet at the academy and flew a bunch of simulated missions in classic Star Trek ships. Your instructors were the crew of the original Enterprise (played by the original actors), and there were a lot of between-mission scenes where you could make choices that would affect the rest of the game. It was a pretty long game, and I really enjoyed it!
@BRNKNG Ah, that's one I absolutely loved, Baldur's Gate. I played the hell out of Baldur's Gate II.
@YinofYang @Get2daChoppa Yeah, having the original actors was pretty cool!
oh wow, actual actors were in this thing? Must be one hella game!
Interplay would go on to create the original Fallout series, and later on Baldur's Gate and the Descent series.
Interplay would go on to create the original Fallout, and later on Baldur's Gate amd Dishonored.
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