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In this series I want to highlight albums and mini albums that are gorgeous from start to finish.

I don't often listen to a full Kpop album, but there are some that are SO GOOD I have to listen from start to finish. Here are a few of my absolute favorites :)

I'll post a new recommendation every Sunday night!

B1A4 - In The Wind (2012)

First off, the lead single for this mini album is one of my favorite B1A4 songs ever, and the music video is stunning. It was completely written by Jinyoung and Baro which is one of the things I love most about B1A4 :)
If you ever need something to meditate to, I highly suggest the intro. It is so beautiful it actually brings tears to my eyes.
If you're looking for a fun funky song, What Do You Want To Do is perfect for you :) I absolutely adore Baro's rap in this one and its just so fun!!!
They collaborated with Suzy for this one and its just such a calming but catchy song :)

I'm happy that my two favorite songs on the album are the two written 100% by B1A4 :)

You can listen to the full thing here:

Do you love this album? What's your favorite track?!

This is one of my favorite albums too! My favorite K-Pop song is actually from this album. Tried To Walk is literally a song I could listen to for the rest of my life. I'm also a huge fan of thier Who Am I album.
i love it so much too! and honestly, all of b1a4's albums are fantastic!
This is the album that got me into B1A4, and it's my fav
sooo good :D
I haven't listened to this album but I love tried to walk and the aesthetics of the mv so I think I will love this album.
Just listen to the intro and you'll fall in love :)