To be honest... I'm still kind of confused of what an era actually is, but I guess I have the basic concept down.

My favorite era is:

Jackpot; HER era!

Why? Well... I'm a sucker for originality. Block B is REALLY GOOD or should I say... "Very Good"? HAHAHAHA

They're very good at being original in their music, and their actions and their charisma. It's something I can't see any other group compare to.

Also, the freaking costumes!
Aren't they awesome?
And finally, I've only found two songs to this day that can beat out the catchiness of HER and Jackpot. And those are O.M.G.T. by MADTOWN. Please give those boys some love too, they're so underrated.
And Simon Dominic by Simon Dominic...
Well that's it for this card! What's your favorite era?
Until next time!
Muah ~
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the jackpot MV was so creepy but funny at the same time haha i loved very good!
when i first saw the beginning with the clowns I didn't know whether I was really a fan of Block B or not lol