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scince friday ive been kinda ill so i went to get checked out and it turns out ive got a kindey infaction
It hurts really bad but atleast i get to stay off work xD So pleaseeeeeee bare with me and ill hopefully be able to get back to drawing soons! :)
Love from the adorable pleeding exorcist xD (Rins so cute!)
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keep hydrated and I hope you feel better soon
6 months ago·Reply
Get better soon
6 months ago·Reply
Get well soon also stay hydrated, drink some cranberry juice and coconut water, as opposed to Gatorade Mineral water with lime and salt helps too
6 months ago·Reply
6 months ago·Reply
your welcome
6 months ago
@RamonPizarro thank you so much! thats very good advice! ^.^ ive been drinkin loads of water and cranberyy joice! :)
6 months ago·Reply