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So I really love Scifi movies, and I think I've watched most of the big name films so far.

I've been looking for more and more to watch, but thanks to Netflix recommendations, I keep ending up with Tom Cruise movies (Edge of Tomorrow, Minority Report, etc)

Now, I don't really have anything against Tom Cruise, but seeing his face over and over and over again is getting tiring to say the least!

Do any of you guys like scifi? and if yes, what are some of your favorites?!

Thanks in advance!

also K-PAX
oh let's see... scifi? hmm. let me look into my collection. 1: witch 2: the white haired witch 3: nosferatu I'm stuck. simply because their are so many... when you have reached the point at where you find yourself currently. it's time to step into a different genre of scifi. same category. just different genre. when I find something you might like. I will come back to you
Moon. everyone needs to watch Moon at least once in their lives
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OMG i will look it up now!!!
You could always compare/contrast the 1990 Total Recall w/Arnold Schwarzenegger with the 2012 Total Recall starring Colin Farrell.
alien if you can
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omg really I grew up with the Alien series and the Predator movies they were so great lol
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