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@deniselane773 Yeah! You're right, mastering English needs a lot of hardwork specially if you're not used to it or if this is not your medium just like in Lee Min Ho's case, he still needs to workout his accent and diction if he wants to make it Hollywood. I hate to say this though I love him, his English is sucks! Since this is his first time to spoke in English then maybe i will let pass. Peace :-)
You know he is so cute...his accent brings a smile to my face. why...because I adore him... BUT, mastering English is very hard for so many that doesn't live here in the U.S.. Many Asian stars that do speak good English ,has been raised in the U.S., or schooled here in their childhood. I read that LMH would one day love to film in Hollywood...that would only be possible if he can master the English and not have much of an Asian accent. That is sure going to be hard, because right now I'm studying and taking courses in Korean ...and for me it is really difficult.
your right @wondergirl like he said before he got interview...i love foriegn bcoz i can talk to theme and learn some english and speak...bcos my english isn't good i wanted t learn more hw to speak...yeahh...i love you oppa ee min ho...your so great and cool...awesome also...u very nice your so humble...muawh....
So pleased he is trying to master english..that's cool this drama is giving him more of a chance to pronounce english words...the most I have ever heard from him :)
wow...oppa lee min ho so cool hw he is speak english...