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I don't care what you think of girl groups, what you think of Twice. We all have to agree on something:

Momo is so professional when it comes to performing, it is amazing.

I've already talked about that time her shirt literally fell off while she was performing and she still owned the performance with an award winning smile on her face.

She never faltered, or looking nervous or worried. She is clearly a trained dancer and performer and JYP should be so proud.

Well, seems like she was in a similar situation again.

This time, her shoes flew off in the middle of a performance and, to be honest, I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't blatantly pointed out.

She doesn't miss a beat! The show must go on :)

You can watch it all here, starting at 2:06 (she's the last one on the faaar right of the screen!)

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this is part of the reason why she's my bias. she's amazing