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Actor Kim Woo Bin’s old photo from his senior year of high school has been trending as a hot topic across various online forums. The photo reveals that Kim Woo Bin hasn’t changed a bit since high school! He looks more approachable and studious with a pair of glasses on, but he’ll always be the charismatic “bad boy” we love watching on “The Heirs.” In response to the photo, netizens gave the following mixed reviews, “Wow, Kim Woo Bin looks exactly the same”, “Kim Woo Bin looked handsome even then”, “He looks rather intimidating!”, “He looks a lot different than he does now”, “Isn’t how he currently looks more important?” and “Kim Woo Bin’s gaze right there is no joke.” In other news, the talented actor shot to fame through drama “School 2013” and is currently starring in the popular SBS drama, “The Heirs.” His film, “Friend 2” is scheduled to hit theaters on November 14!
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yeah they same but it's great that he change his hair style