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Part 1: "How Bts feel about winning the award"
I love them so much♡
Part 2: "The third one from the left" X'D
I am so proud of them♡♡
Part 3: "Bts talk about how they use SNS"
Part 4: "Future Collabs & U.S debut
Part 5: "Bts talks about how to empathize with fans in their music"
Part 6: "The meaning of "Love myself, love yourself"
Part 7: "Bts & PSY"

I keep watching the part where they win the award and I can't help but cry because they have come so far. They have accomplished so much. They believed in themselves and pushed themselves to get to where they are at now. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us ARMYs♡♡ We are all going to be behind them, cheering them on as all their dreams come true♡

*i dont know if this is all the parts to the press conference but if I find more i will update this card*
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