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Ok. Let's be honest here. Nobody is ready for this. Bts Festa is coming up and I just can't wait!😆For those of you who don't know, BTS FESTA is a celebration of BTS's debut anniversary. They release a ton of content over a week or two and it's basically a giant party between the boys and ARMYs. -someone on reddit 😂 BTS's anniversary is on June 13th.
Im so happy to know that they accomplished all of these written goals for 2016-17.
To celebrate the celebration, starting June 4th through June 10th, ARMYs are going to trend BTS on many social media platforms because everyone needs to know right?
So basically This ⬆️ is what ARMYs are going to do all over the world. Be sure to show lots of love to each of the boys on these days.
I'm going to make another card on the schedule and another card on theories about Big Hits recent spam on Instagram. Stay tuned guys >.