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Hello Royal Family! I bring you my fan letter to Minsu!

Dear Minsu,
Happy Anniversary! It has been 4 years from that June 5 debut in 2013. Wow 4 years now! Do you remeber the predebut days. The days you were a kid and wondering what you would do in life. You became the person who woould entertain me. You joined a group and made music together and came together to entertain me. Your sweet voice! I am gald that you are part of Boys Republic!
I want to also take this time to say thank you for celebrating your birthday with me! I was happy to watch you on Vline and celebrate your birthday!
I want to say thank you for being on Vline or Instagram and showing us the fun side of you and keeping in touch with your fans even if we live across the world. I am glad to have you on these social site, it makes me feel I am there close.
Thank you for including me. I want to say thank you for entertaining me and making such wonderful music! I wish you many more anniversaryies and hope you will continue to reach out to us ! Happy Anniversary! Please stay well! I will continue to support you and Boys Republic!
Your Royal Family Fan,

Well until next time,stay Royal!

Royal squad
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I'm loving your appreciation letters ❤
Thank you!