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Hello Royal Family! I bring my fan letter to Sunwoo!

Dear Sunwoo,
Happy Anniversary! It has been 4 years since you debut with Boys Republic. Does it seem like it has been that long! To me it feels like you have been together forever. I want to express how much I appreicate you! You are such a great person and entertainer. You makes up laugh..
Your laugh is contagious! It makes me want to laugh, when I hear you laugh!
The way you look at me so innocently! You make me want to get into your mind and wonder what you are thinking! I want to say thank you for being with me and bringing me this joy! I thank you for entertaining us even though it is bed time for you, but you still go on to be with me, your fan.
I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with me. I wish you a happy Anniversary! I will support you and Boys Republic! I wish you well and stay healthy!
Your Royal Family Fan,
Well this is all for now. I will be going my final letter tomorrow, until then, stay Royal!

Royal squad
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I could feel your heart in this card!!
Thank you!
Sunwoo! 😍