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Hello Royal Family! I bring you the final letter!

Dear Sungjun,
Happy Anniversary! It is now 4 years from your debut day! I am so proud of you! You have brought me 4 years od entertainment and music! I want to say thank you! I want to say never change! I love the somber way you are!
I love how you entertain me with your fear of snakes, but in the end came to be one with the snake.
Look at that smile. That smile that can like up the night, so bright. You have a wonderful smile. I wish you will keep smiling!
I want to thank you for bring me joy for the past 4 years! I wish for you to bring me many more! I wish for you to stay healthy and well. I wish a Happy Anniversary! I will continue to support you and Boys Republic!
Love Your Royal Family Fan,
Well I wish you all a wonderful day, until next time, stay Royal!

Royal squad
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I really loved your appreciation letters to the members. ❤
Thank you!