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1st pic: Yuri: Viktor, the contractions are getting worse Yuri: I think it's time to go to the hospital. Viktor: Yes, Yuri. Let me go pick up our little treasure Yuri: Y-yes, please

2nd pic: V: Yuuri, love... are you okay? Y: The baby is moving so fast [that one is really difficult to translate] V: Hang in there a little bit longer, we are almost there. Kid: Mommy don't worry, I will be a good big brother3rd: V: Come on Yuuri. You can do it! Doctor: Push! The head is out, almost thereV: Isn't she beautiful? - She is your new sister. Now mom and dad have two treasures to love. Kid: a little sister...Kid: Hello little sister, I promise I will take care of you and protect you forever
Y: This one is perfect. If the baby looks like her mother, she would love it