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Our international playboy is, in reality, a gentleman.

First off - what are "manner hands?!"

Especially in Korea where casual physical contact between people of the opposite gender isn't common (yet cuddling with the same gender is more common than in the west...) Manner Hands are a way to look close, but maintain a polite distance.
For example, putting your hand around a person's shoulder but keeping your arm/hand hovering so you aren't actually touching the person :)

Well, even in the USA, Jungkook kept up with Korean tradition!

Looks like a cute fan photo right? It totally is!!! But let's zoom in on Jungkook for a second ;)

Yup, he's hand-hovering LOL

It's not rude, like he didn't want to touch her, but the exact opposite! He's respecting her space :)

He also did this to Halsey, though you have to get multiple angles of the encounter to see it!

They all look super cozy right? With Jungkook's hand around Halsey's waist?

But wait...

His hand is about a foot away from her back HAHAHAH

What a guy, our Golden Maknae ;)

that's what I love about my country. I really like how he is so respectful and I wish I can get a man as respectful as kookie
That is so sweet!
he is such a sweet heart.