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BTS came back to Korea recently and had a HUGE press conference about their Billboard win.

Other than obviously saying thank you, and that they want to collab with Chainsmokers (lol) they also talked about using their new super-stardom in America to debut as English-speaking stars.

The answer was pretty clearly, nope.

Rap Mon: "미국 진출 계획은 없습니다. 우리는 한국 가수입니다."
We don't have plans to enter/debut in the US. We're Korean singers.

Jimin: "다음 빌보드에 설 수 있다면, 한국어로 된 우리 노래로 무대에 오르고 싶습니다."
If invited to the next Billboard, we want to perform our songs in Korean.

They didn't seem to have any problem breaking into the US singing in Korean, I don't see why they'd need to start now :)

This is just another lesson bts is teaching us. Don't change for others, be who you are and ignore the haters.
I would prefer it if BTS sang in Korean. The songs were written in korean, and so they should stay in korean! Plus, if it's translated then viewers don't get the full kpop experience.
Tbh in my opinion I would love it if kpop idols/groups could be able to get recognition in the west with their korean songs. Like I know some groups tried to make it with an English cover of their song (the only one in my mind right now is snsd's the boys) but to me it sounds better in the original korean you know?
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I feel too that korean lyrics tend to use depper smilies that we don't really do in English and that become lost in translation. Sorry it doesn't make sense but just look at the English translations of some kpop songs and you get what I mean.
Also music is universal it shouldn't matter what language. It's actually a dream of mine to learn as many languages as I can and be able to perforn songs throughout the world in different languages.
I am so glad. That's what made us love them. They should never change... EVER!!! ❤️
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