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Wassup guys!!! Kim here with part 4 of our telephone game. I hope you all are enjoying. Now it's my turn to add on to the story!!!! But if you need some catching up, I got cha!!!!!!

So here's the last part: He throws a blanket over you and carrys you out of the cake. He sets you down next to him.
Calm down Chase, Jay says She was just giving you a surprise for your Birthday. Here have a drink and have some fun. Jay hands him a glass of champagne.

Chase took the champagne and sat it down. "What do you mean calm down??? How would you like it if your girl popped up out of a cake like a stripper and showed off her body in front of your friends??" he yelled. "Now just wait a minute!!! I wasn't being a stripper!!! I was just trying something different, trying to spice it up a bit. I thought you would enjoy it," you said, tears coming out of your eyes. You stood up and walked out of the room.

"Wow, man. That was a bit harsh. She was just trying to make sure you had a unforgettable birthday," says Jay. "Says the one who had sex in the club and outside on the car," Chase shot back. "Hey I'm sorry that my girl was taking care of me at those time," said Jay. "Look, y/n was trying to make up from last year. She still feels bad about all the things that went wrong on your birthday. You know she only wants to see you happy. Y/N only wanted you to have a great and memorable birthday and you kinda embarrassed her in front of everyone when you acted how you acted. Instead of me lecturing you, go talk to her. I'll clear the party so you two can make up." Jay then stood up, pat Chase on the back and walked out.

Chase then got up and walked over to your room where you both shared. I have to admit, y/n did think outside the box. I was surprised. I wished she did it in private though. I hope no other guys had their eyes on her otherwise it's a wrap!! Chase knocked on the door to see if you would want to talk to him. He then sees you on the bed, fully dressed, but crying. Chase then walks over to you and squat down in front of you. You looked at him teary eyed and quickly turned your head. Chase then gently took your chin and gently turns your head to face him as he gently wiped a tear off your cheek.

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This was really good. I like how each one of you did a part and brought it all together. Great job!
@sukkyongwanser Thank you!!!