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Alright so here is another part to this story...I hope you all enjoy ended up being really long.

I was lucky back in Chicago to get an encounter with Jungkook and the fact that I also got his number was like the best thing ever...although I was nervous to ever text him after that one night. We had talked a few times though, normally right before I was heading to work, and usually he would send me a quick message checking up on me. It was cute. When I found out the guys were going to the BBMAs I was the one to text first. Everyone in the group was excited to be invited to an American Award show he told me. We had talked about when they would be going there and when I said that I would be going there too just to support them he was shocked I assumed. He had asked me what hotel I was staying at but I didn't know yet. I had only just bought my plane ticket. Of course as the day got closer I figured out which hotel I was staying at and told Jungkook. He never responded but I didn't expect him to. It was the Day I was leaving to go to Las Vegas. My friends were nervous about me going alone but I was excited. I would make new friends and see BTS on the magenta carpet. I didn't bother Jungkook since I knew he was flying to Vegas as well. He would probably not reply anyways he had a lot if things on his mind and belt I bet.

Once I landed in Vegas I took a taxi to my hotel. When I got there I looked up at the MGM Hotel...I had only seen videos or pictures of this hotel, the fact that I was actually staying in it.. oh that made me so excited. I walked in and went to the front desk. After I checked in I went to the elevator as I walked to the elevator I sent a text to my friends to let them know I got to the hotel safely. After that I pulled up Marco Polo so they could see I was alive. I hit the start button.

"Hey girls.. I'm alive.." I Said as a bunch of people came up behind me. I took a step forward and glanced behind me to make sure I gave the people space and instantly froze. My insides were going crazy. I tried not to let my mouth hang open as I slowly turned to the front. I hit the stop button and close out of the app. BTS was right behind me. I stared at my phone not doing anything. Finally the elevator opened and I again had a mini panic attack on the inside. I took a few steps and pressed the button for my floor and then stepped to the corner. I did not want to turn around. I didn't know if I was composing myself enough. Once I turned around I pressed myself against the wall trying to not get close. I glanced to my left and almost squealed Namjoon was next to me. He looked at me and smiled.

"H..Hi.." I bit my lip to stop from nervous laughing and turned back to face the front.

"I take it you know who we are?" He asked

I just nodded.

"Cool, please don't tell anyone where here." he asked me and all the nervousness and excitement I felt vanished. I turned to face him.

"I won't tell anyone, I don't want you guys getting harassed because of me. I may be a fan but I'm not crazy. You guys need you time. I'm just a lucky girl is all." I smiled.

"Well thank you."

"Hey Sarah." I was still smiling at Namjoon as my eyes got wide and my smile tried to get bigger but I bit hard into my lips to try to stop it from growing as I turned to the front and saw Jungkook standing right in front of me. I pushed myself harder into the wall. And waved.

"Oh this is that one girl from Chicago right?" Another member said but I was so far gone staring into Jungkook's eyes that I didn't know who said it.

"Yeah." he said and I finally let out the breath I didn't know I was holding and started laughing.

"um...Hi...I didn't know you guys were staying here when I booked it." I said between laughs.

"Nervous?" Namjoon said next to me

"A little." I said glancing at him. Then the elevator dinged. I looked and it was my floor.

"Excuse me, this is my floor." I said looking back at Jungkook for a second then to the people next to him. Jhope had been next to Jungkook this whole time. I slipped between the guys after I got off the elevator I glanced back.

"Bye! Good luck at the BBMAs. You'll win for sure! Fighting!" I smiled as the door shut. Wow...that was just as nerve-racking as meeting just Jungkook. I walked to my room and quickly got into to my room and pulled up Marco Polo and let my 2 besties see how excited I was.

"Oh my gosh you guys! BTS got here when I got here. They are seriously staying in the same hotel as me.. like holy heck..I was so freaking nervous and excited...I was in the elevator with them...Namjoon said not to tell anyone so Jenni... you keep this info to too Dani...although I don't think you'd spread it. flight was good, my rooms nice and...."

A text came through and I stopped talking to read it. Jungkook sent me a message. I laughed and smiled.

"Sorry I got a'm going to go you know I'm getting tired with how nervous I was in that elevator. BTW they smelled good. How is that even possible with them being on a plane for what 13 hrs. Anyways night girls! I love you and I'll keep in touch."

I quickly pulled up the text from jungkook.

#1JK: Hey I wasn't expecting to run into you like that. What Room number are you?

Me: I know that was...nerve wracking...I was not prepared to see you all at one time. I'm in room 1301 why?

He didn't respond and so I figured he was either going to try to sleep or just got busy. I jumped on my king sized bed and was just so happy. I probably would have fallen asleep in my clothes if someone didn't knock on my door. I got up and walked to the door and just opened it not thinking. When I did that whoever was out in the hall slipped in real quick.

"What if it wasn't me?" I asked looking at him as I shut the door.

"You told me your room number I knew I was safe." he said walking further into the room.

"Jungkook, what are you doing here?" I asked now being curious.

"Well it's been a few months since we last ran into each other and I thought it would be hard to talk if you came to my room. I'm sharing it this time. Plus after yesterday and today I needed to relax and seeing you I thought it would help. "

"Oh okay. So I take it you're not tired then?"

"Well it's the afternoon in Korea so I'd be awake doing things."

"Ah alright so let's chat." I said jumping on the bed and putting my legs under my butt.

That night we talked about a bunch of different things. The more we talked the more I got comfortable with him. At some point he had moved to sit on the bed. It felt like we were really friends.I don't even remember when I fell asleep. But I woke up to an alarm. I rolled over to where it was coming from and snoozed it.

Oh this spot was so warm. It smelt amazing too. It must have been where Jungkook had sat. I nuzzled into the bedding more. I was about to fall back asleep when 2 things happened. 1st what I thought was bedding was moving up and down and had a heart beat. 2nd a hand landed on my arm and pulled me closer to said bedding. I opened my eyes and looked at what I was laying on and saw Jungkook. He had fallen asleep here talking to me.

I wanted to enjoy this moment but I knew if he woke up and saw us like this things would get awkward. I glanced back up at him to make sure he was still asleep. He was too precious. I'd never see this view of him sleeping again. I snapped out of my thoughts and moved his hand off my arm and moved off the bed. It was 8 in the morning. I wanted to stay and wait till he woke up but I knew he'd be hungry when he woke up. I grabbed my key and my phone and left the room. On the way down I text him letting him know I went to get food. I made my way down to the breakfast area and made sure to grab a lot of different things. I wasn't sure what he would like for American foods.

I was glad they had trays, otherwise this would have been really hard. I unlocked the door and quietly moved in. He was up and looking at his phone.

"Morning." I said setting the food down on the table.


"So I didn't know what you would like so I grabbed a bit of everything." I smiled

"Thanks." He got up and grabbed some things and sat down across from me.

"So how much trouble are you in?" I asked knowing he would have 6 members and more people worried about him.

"They are all asleep still so I'm good for now." he took a bite of his bread.

"Well then when you are finished you'll need to head out."

"Are you kicking me out?" he asked looking at me with a smirk.

"It's not that I want you to leave...but you have to leave so yes...yes I'm kicking you out. If we meet again I don't want them to hate me."

"Ha, that's cute...but yeah I wanna sneak back in before they wake up."

We sat there making small talk as we ate breakfast. When we finished he put his shoes back on and headed to the door.

"Hey, wait." I said grabbing his wrist.

"What?" he asked looking at me. I quickly let go of his wrist.

"Good luck today, I know you guys are going to kill it, and if you don't win don't be upset because you still came this far. Although I believe you guys will win for sure."

He smiled and came closer to me. He put his hand on my cheek. He pulled me closer to him and pressed his lips against my forehead.

"Thanks, you are an amazing fan and I'm glad I got to spend some time with you."

I smiled

"Well thank you, now go. Text me when you get back to your room."

"I will, bye Sarah."

"Bye Jungkook"

He left the room and once the door shut I flopped back on the bed. I had to get down to the venue so I could join my fellow army's with supporting the guys. After a few minutes I got a text from Jungkook saying he was good and back in his room.


I can't believe I spent the night in her room. I meant to leave before I got super tired. When I woke up and my hand was on her and she was cuddling into me I almost freaked. I didn't want her thinking I tried to get with her. When she moved I quickly shut my eyes. I waited until I heard the door shut. When I opened my eyes she was gone. My phone dinged and I looked at the message. I could have gone down with her, but I guess it was better I didn't.

I unlocked the door and snuck in. Sadly I didn't beat them waking up.

"So Jungkookie where have you been all night?" Jimin smiled

"Just out."

"Yeah...with Sarah?"


"Does she know you kinda like her?"

"Jimin I can like a girl as a friend. Nothing can happen more than that." I stated

" know, what happens if fate decides to have you two meet again?"

"Then...well be great friends."

"So nothing happened?"

"No we just talked until we both fell asleep. Completely innocent. "

"Sure it was." Jimin said and threw a pair of my pj's at me.


"Change before the others wake up and wonder why you're dressed the same as yesterday."

I glanced between the open door to the next room. I didn't need Namjoon and Jin asking about where I'd been so I quickly changed and hopped back into bed. I was going to sleep a bit longer before this crazy, exciting day happened.


I loved it ❤️💕
omgosh that is so cute!
this was soo cute!