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Alright the final Chapter is here...I hope you all Enjoy it!
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"I hope I can surprise him." I said as I got off the plane.

"Welcome to South Korea please enjoy your stay" the lady over the intercom said. I smiled. I wanted to go right to the Dorm but I was sure he wasn't there. I turned my phone on and was flooded with messages.

My Kookie: Baby! It's been 2 weeks! Why aren't you picking up my calls?

My Kookie: Why aren't you answering me?

My Kookie: Sarah!!!!

My Kookie: Your being mean to me! Are you not coming back to Korea because I haven't had time to talk? Do you hate me?

My Kookie: I love you and Im worried please message me asap...

My Kookie: Sarah.....

My Kookie: Please just stay with me.

Man this guy kills me. I laughed and text him.

Me: I'm sorry Jungkookie I was busy trying to sell the house and my phone broke and I had it get a new one. What are you doing now?

I didn't have to wait long.

My Kookie: My line worked again!

Me: huh?

My Kookie: you know. Can We talk on the phone?

Me: not yet....where are you?

My Kookie: I'm at the dorm, we got some free time and I wanted to play some video games and call you.

Me: Ok give me like 15 minutes and we can talk is that good?

My Kookie: Yup sounds good! I love you

Me: I love you too babe

Now I could easily surprise him.


"I'll follow you shortly. I just have to finish getting rid of the stuff in the house and the house itself."

"But what if that takes forever?" he pouted.

"Wait for me ok?" I said kissing his lips.

"Forever." he smiled and kissed me back. I watched him leave once again.

End of Flashback

I really thought the house was gonna sell fast but it didn't. Thankfully my father helped me sell it. Otherwise I would have probably been there longer. He could tell I just wanted to leave. I quickly jumped out of the taxi and grabbed my bag. I had sent most of my things to Megan before so I didn't have much on me. I ran to the door and knocked. I waited there. I was ready to jump on him when I saw him. The door unlocked and opened. But the one who opened the door wasn't Kookie. It was Jin.

"Sarah?" he questioned.

"Shh I'm here to surprise Kookie."

"Oh okay. He's in the living room playing a game right now."

"Awesome." I quietly walked in and took my shoes off. I walked into the living room and saw him playing so intensely. He was leaning against the couch. I jumped over the couch and landed right behind him.

"Who was at the door?" he asked not taking his eyes off the screen. I smiled. I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered into his ear.

"It was just me"

"Sarah?" he quickly dropped his remote and turned around.

"Yup." I couldn't help but smile as his smile got bigger.

"When did you get back?" he asked putting his hands on my face.

"A little bit ago."

He pulled me towards him the tiny bit and pressed his lips against mine. We were both smiling as we kissed each other.

"OK OK break it up. No one wants to see that."

We broke apart to see Jimin and Tae had walked into the room.

"If Jin saw that he'd be scolding you two right now." Jimin said

We both laughed and separated. I ran over to the two and hugged them.

"Glad to know you missed us too." Tae said hugging back.

"Of course I did."

"Well you got back in time for our party." Jimin said after we finished hugging.


"Yeah we have a company party to go to and you can join us now."

"Don't you guys have a strict rule of no dating? What if pdnim finds out?"

"He sort of already knew something was up with Kookie after you left. So he'll know now that your back and his mood changed again."

"Hey, I wasn't that obvious." Kookie snapped.

"Sure you weren't." Tae and Jimin laughed.

"Sarah don't listen to them I was fine."

"Oh come on Kookie I know...Megan and Tae would tell me often. And one time Tae told me he covered your mouth and made you swallow something ..... the way he said he sounded like he had killed you." I laughed

"I felt like it!" Tae laughed.

After several more minutes the two of us left. Kookie took me home to pick out an outfit for the party. When we got there we didn't expect Megan to a home.

"What's that noise?" I asked as I unlocked the door to the apartment.

"um..." Kookie leaned in closer to me to hear better. I opened the door and knew exactly what that sound was.


"Let's just go to your room." Kookie tried to direct me away from the living room.

"Megan can't you do that in your room!" I yelled as Kookie was pulling me away.

"Sarah?" instantly the noise stopped. We went to my room and shut the door.

"Sarah..." I turned to look at Kookie.


"This may be weird but I'm turned on now." I glanced down. I could tell he was.

"By them going at it?"

"Not the thought of them but the sound made me think of wanting you."

I gotta say him saying that turned me on. I closed the distance between us and kissed him. We were close enough to the bed that we fell onto it. He scooted up my bed more so he was laying comfortably on my bed. I moved with him but straddled him once he stopped.

A good time later we laid there on my bed naked.

"I missed this" Kookie said

"We only did it....a few times though "

"I don't care. I still remember what it feels like to be with you this way." he smiled.

"You're so cute." I kissed his cheek and got up off the bed. I put my underwear and bra back on and then walked to my closet. What to wear to a party? I thought.

"Anything will look good on you." Kookie said causing me to turn around and see that he was putting his boxers on.

"You should pick then." I smiled as he walked over to my closet.

"This one. I like it." he said holding it up.


"I gotta go but I'll meet you there right?"

"Wait at the party?"

"Yeah, Megan has tickets so they won't stop you from coming in." he was already dressed and came back to me and kissed my forehead.


"I'll be waiting for you." he smiled and left.

I got changed and as I finished getting ready Megan walked in.

"I wasn't expecting you till tomorrow."

"I know I wanted to surprise everyone. "

"Yeah you sure did that." She laughed

" know what we're doing right?" I asked

"Yup don't worry but we probably should get going." Megan said and walked out and I followed. I already missed Kookie even though we had only been apart an hour or so.

"I know you're wanting to get back to Kookie asap."

"How did you know?" I was shocked

"Come on you two are so crazy about each other and now that you're finally back there isn't an ocean splitting you two up."

"Ugh I've been missing him like crazy and I wish I could just attach myself to him for the next month." I said slipping my shoes on as Megan grabbed her purse.

"Ha but you can't since he has to perform a lot in one month."

"I know! Megan...I don't know how you do it."

"Do what?"

"Love someone so much but not spend as much time with them as you want."

"It sucks but I don't want Yoongi to have to pick between me and his music and the guys. So I had to get my crazy girl checked real fast."

I started laughing at her saying it like that.

"What?" She asked as we finally got into the taxi.

"Get Yo Crazy in Check girlie." I bust up laughing.

"Oh shut up" she laughed

The ride to the party we caught up on things that we didn't have time to talk about over the phone. Once we got to the party we walked in and looked around. This was going to be hard to find him it was way more packed than I thought it would be.

"Let's go to our table and then after we eat well look for everyone." Megan said guiding me to our table. It wasn't long before every seat was filled and the food was placed in front of us. After dinner was when everyone was socializing and dancing and drinking. This was when I saw him. I smiled and started to make my way to him when another girl started talking to him and placed her hand on his arm. He didn't shake her hand away and just smiled. After a few moments she pulled him onto the dance floor. They walked by me and our eyes locked. I was on the verge of tears. I didn't think Kookie was like that. After he walked past me I quickly ran out of the room and walked outside. I took a few deep breaths trying to calm myself. He loves you Sarah! He just has to not let people know that he's dating anyone. I sighed then looked up at the night sky. I wished it was warmer but the sky was calming me down.

"Sarah." I looked down to Kookie and smiled


"I promise there is nothing going on with me and that girl."

"I know."


"I trust you."

He closed the distance between us.

"Sarah I love you."

"I love you too." I stood up and started walking back towards the party. He grabbed my hand and I turned back to him.

"I have to ask you something." he stated and I turned to face him more.


"um...this is hard." he said glancing down.

"Well let's talk later then." I said and turned back.

"Please just stay with me forever!" he raised his voice and I froze. I turned slowly back to him. He had a ring pulled out.


"I want you to promise me that we'll stay with each other forever. This isn't a proposal it's just a promise ring." he could tell I was screaming on the inside.

"Forever and Always." I smiled

He hugged me and then pulled back a bit.

"Someday I plan on marrying you though. That's what this ring is for. I promise to propose to you when we are a bit older." Then he pressed his lips to mine.

Even if things got bad I would stick with him, I loved him like crazy and couldn't think of a life without him. Always and forever I would stay with him.

(The outfit Kookie picks for you)

Alright I hope you all enjoyed this serious as now it is officially over.

Thank you for reading. ❤❤❤❤


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