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It's been a bit since an update for this story so here is a somewhat long chapter I hope you enjoy it.
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Belle woke up in the middle of the night. She had too much on her mind lately and she quickly got up and grabbed the key to Eliza's apartment and left. She quietly unlocked Eliza's door and walked in. She went into Eliza's bedroom.


No response so Belle went and poked Eliza. After several pokes Eliza woke up.

"Belle what is it?"

"I can't sleep I just had a dream and .....and I think I finally realized who I like..."

Eliza patted the spot next to her.

"Same here."

"Oh so it's not just me?" Belle quickly got under the sheets.


The two stayed up a little longer talking about who they liked. Things were going to get difficult now.


"Belle hurry up we are gonna be late!" Eliza said

"I'm sorry I should have this figured out already but leaving the country still feels weird to me."

"I know least we are going with the guys. "

"hee hee" Belle started giggling at the thought of all the time they will spend together.

"Just remember we are not allowed to be in their room's alone ok" Eliza instructed.

"Yeah, I don't think I'll have that issue."

After Belle had revealed to Eliza who she liked she could not stop smiling. Sometimes she felt like an idiot but continued smiling.

"You might want to try a bit harder to hide that smile sweetie." Eliza said poking Belle as they were hopping in the van. Thankfully the girls were in a different van so they tried to get back to normal before they ran into them. On the Airplane is where things got interesting. Belle and Eliza weren't seated next to each other and somehow they got middle seats.

"Oh so we get to sit with you?" Belle looked up to see Tae and Kookie. Belle was screaming on the inside she was smiling like an idiot and trying to stop from nervously laughing.

"Yeah I guess so." Belle said standing up to move so one of them could have the window seat. Tae ended up taking that seat and Kookie stayed in the aisle seat. Belle fidgeted but that stupid smile she could not get off her face. She was not doing so well with hiding her new mood.

"Belle are you ok?" Kookie placed a hand on top of hers.

"Yeah.. just you know really excited to go out of the country." she stuttered

"Are you afraid of flying?" he asked

"No! I have flown before this is just first time going out of the country."

"It's OK Belle" Tae took her other hand and she turned to face him now.

"It's exciting right?" he asked leaning in closer to her.

"Very." She whispered looking down.

Eliza had pulled out her tablet and a book ready to enjoy the flight.

"Why what do we have here? A pretty lady to sit next too."

Eliza looked up and smiled at the man in front of her.

"Why are you now boarding?" she asked. Her and Belle had gone in after them but somehow they boarded before the guys.

"We had to wait in a specific area to board last but hey look at the surprise we got." Namjoon said

"Yeah, well then who's getting the window?" They both looked at there ticket.

"Me" Jin said and Eliza stood up and let him go past her. He slipped past her touching her arm. Well now she knew this wouldn't be a boring flight.

Eliza was kept busy with talking with Namjoon and reading and designing outfits for the future album release. Of course Jin and Namjoon had to have their input. Eliza had ended up dozing off at some point. There was a jerk and she opened her eyes. She could tell she was leaning against Jin. She felt safe and fell back asleep.

Belle was trying to enjoy the time she got to spend with the two. But Kookie decided he was done talking randomly and put his headphones on.

"Don't worry he does that all the time." Tae said

"OK, I'm not worried."

"That look on your face says otherwise."


"You're worried that he doesn't like you anymore. " with Tae saying this she glanced at Kookie. He had his eyes closed. He looked so handsome. She looked at the seat Eliza was in and became shocked. She had to take a picture of Jin and Her. They looked too cute. Belle fiddled with her belt and grabbed her camera. She turned around sitting on her knees on her seat and quickly took a picture. She glanced down.

"Hey there cutie." Belle smiled

"Hey, how's the flight going for you?" Jimin asked

"Well..." Belle glanced at Kookie and Tae then motioned for Jimin to come closer. He did so.

"I'm so tired but my body won't let me sleep." she whispered.

"Oh you want to rest like those 3" Jimin pointed to Jin and Eliza and Yoongi next to him.

"Yeah. How's the flight been for you?"

"It's fine, If I was sitting next to you it'd be better." He smiled

"Oh you." she quietly laughed

"Now try to rest ok?"

"Ok." Belle sat back in her seat the right way. She leaned her head against the seat and took a deep breath then turned to glance at Tae. He was looking out the window. Belle leaned over to see what he was seeing. When he turned to look at her and they both froze. They were just inches from kissing.

"Belle." His breath hitting her lips made her stop staring into his eyes and glanced down. His lips looked very inviting.

"Tae." she whispered back

"you want this seat?" he asked looking back out the window.

"No." is all she said and she moved back and laid her head back to try to sleep. She tried her hardest to sleep but couldn't. There was a jerk and she felt herself slide to the left. She took a breath and knew by the scent she was close to Kookie. She felt better and instantly was out.


The girls were woken up when they landed. They didn't realize how much they were tired. The guys went off first and then the girls got off and went into the second van and went to the hotel. The time zone was different but they weren't tired anymore. Which seemed like they weren't the only ones. Jin text Eliza and asked her to bring him Jimin and Kookie food. They were going to do a Vlive since they weren't ready for rest. She left to go get food and Belle was bored. What was she going to do. She decided to walk around the hotel. She didn't get far before she heard music playing and stood outside a room. She called Tae. She thought this kind of music sounded like Taes taste. He quickly answered.

"What room are you?"

"It's 518 why?"

"Open your door."

"Why? Are you out there?"

"Maybe." with that the door opened and there was Tae in a bathrobe.

"What are you doing Belle?" he asked

"I'm bored make me not bored." she smiled and walked into his room. Tae quickly shut his door and came up to Belle.

"You shouldn't be in here." He said trying to stop her from moving.

"Who's in the shower?" She asked avoiding what he said.

"Jhope, he'll be out soon."

"Awesome. I want to listen to Taes music." She walked over and hit play on his computer. Then she sat on the bed and looked at Tae.


"Yes Tae?"

"Why did you come here?" he asked

"Well Eliza is off with Jimin, Kookie and Jin so I just was wandering around and then I heard music and boom that's why I'm here."

"You don't want to be alone?" he asked

"Nah! I like spending time with you guys, plus if Jhope is here I have a question for him."

"Oh ok." Tae was acting really shy all of a sudden.

"Come sit here." Belle said patting the spot on the bed next to her.

"I'm fine here." Tae said sitting down on the chair by the desk. Belle grabbed the arms and pulled him towards her.

"Belle what are you doing?" he asked trying to pull back.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked causing him to stop fighting back.


"You aren't acting like yourself."

"I am, this is how I am."

"Tae...." she grabbed his face to make him look at her.

"Don't. " he said pulling at her hands but she kept them there.

"I get it....OK....." she dropped her hands from his face realizing what just happened.

"You get what?"

"I was just some game to play with, once you got sick of me that was it." She started towards the door she was going to cry again because of him and she didn't want to.

"Belle." Tae said getting up and following her.

"Don't worry Taehyung I understand." she was stopped by Jhope. He had just stepped other of the bathroom and she ran into him.

"Belle what's up?" he smiled

"Hey want to go for a walk?" She asked he looked between the two.

"Yeah give me a second."

"OK I'll wait out in the hall." she left as fast as she could. Tae tried to follow but Jhope stopped him.

"What's wrong with you! Why do you always gotta make her cry."

"I made her cry again?"

"You don't realize how hard it is for her do you? Both you and Kookie liked her and she doesn't even know who she likes and then you do that to her."

"You heard us talking?"


"She likes Kookie, it's clear. When she lost her memories it was all Kookie she cared for and she was worried he was mad at her on the plane and she even fell asleep against him."

"Those are small details, has she told you she likes Kookie and not you?"


"Then stop pulling away from her because you doing that won't help you get the girl at all."


"She lost her memories and got them back so who knows if she really likes Kookie now, and on top of that Jimin is hurt still because he liked her and gave up. Do you want to friend zone yourself before even trying?" Jhope said and slipped his shoes on.


"Don't it's not me you need to talk to its Belle. But I think tonight isn't a good idea." he said and left.

Tae sat down on the edge of the bed and put his face in his hands.

"What am I doing!?" he yelled then flopped back onto the bed. He thought he was protecting himself but he didn't want to hurt Belle.


"Alright Belle let's chat." Jhope said with a smile.

"OK so you agreed to be my dance partner and I sent you the video so did you work on it?" Belle asked keeping her mind off of what just happened.

"Yeah let's see if they have a room available. I'll show you what I got done so far." he smiled and hit the elevator button.

"Thanks." Belle said leaning towards him to give him a hug.

"You're welcome. Now I know you are having things going through your mind and I know we are just friends."

"What you didn't think I liked you?"

"Not like the rest but I'm OK with it. I like you as a friend so it's good."

"OK, you aren't pulling a Jimin are you?" Belle asked


"I know he bowed out gracefully but I can tell I hurt him."

"Belle." Jhope grabbed her arms and made him look at her.

"I know what we've done. Eliza and I realized what we were doing and we didn't stop. I just don't want to hurt people anymore. Even if it means I don't get to be with the one I like. "

"Belle don't give up." he hugged her again.

Belle was trying to hold back the tears. she had to stop it before she hurt anyone else and hurt herself more.

The elevator door opened and they got on. She was just going to do her Job no more emotions besides friendship. Jhope hugged her tight.

"Don't change Belle." He whispered to her.

She felt better just holding onto him. A friend was what she needed and he seemed to always be there when she needed him to be.

Alright did I get some feels out of you? I think now things get messy but can you figure out who the girls like? I'm sure it's obvious...let me know who you think the girls will end up with.


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