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This morning has been crazy. Right now we are at the house getting everything ready while Dad,Kook,Romeo and Uncle Dong Gook went to go find us a spot early this morning. Hope we got a good one. I packed my beach bag and Gio's backpack with everything we need for tonight. I know after awhile he is going to pass out soon as we start the fire. "Everyone packed?"Uncle Tae Young asked. We all said yes and headed downstairs to the cars getting in. I rode with Amerie,Yuna,Gio,and Jay. And everyone else separated in two other cars.On our way down we decided to listen to music and Gio singing along to Jay's songs. Once we found parking and spotted Dad we all helped unload the car going over to our spot. The kids couldn't wait to get into the water. Uncle Dong Gook decided to break out his soccer ball and we played a game on the beach. Gio was quick to join in and hang out with Si Ahn. It was nice that they're close in age. This trip as been nice since he got close with his cousins. "Where's Gray?"Yuna asked sitting next to me. "Probably on his way back to Seoul." "You should've invited him." "I didn't know we were actually doing this." "Shame since it's our last day." "Yeah." "Also.How are you feeling since you've been getting dizzy and sick?" "So far so good. Just going to sit here and drink water." "Alright." ~Jay~ The kids were playing soccer with Gia's uncle and I decided to chill for a minute and soak in the sun. "Hey Babe.Whats Gray's number?"Yuna asked sitting next to me. "Why do you need it?" "I thought it would be nice to invite him for Gia since it's our last day here." "You think she would've done that herself." Why is she trying to help her out with Gray. "She didn't think we were actually doing this.Please." "True.Here."I said pulling out my phone. I gave Yuna Gray's number and continued watching Gio play soccer. He isn't too bad. "Daddy.Come play!"Gio yelled. "I'm coming."I yelled back getting out of the beach chair. I ran over and started playing. ~Gia~ The sun has finally set and its fire time.Once the fire started the kids were too excited to make s'mores.Its perfect since It's sticky and there's chocolate. "Here."I said handing each kid a metal skewer stick with a marshmallow on it. Auntie Eugene had the chocolate and graham crackers so the kids can just go to her. "G.Don't burn it too much."I said helping Gio with the skewer so he wouldn't get to close to the fire and burn himself. "Why?" "If you burn it too much it'll fall off the stick and you won't have a marshmallow." "Oh ok." We both blow on the marshmallow and he walked over to Auntie Eugene getting a s'more made. "Daddy.Here."He said walking to Jay letting him have a bite. "Thank you."Jay said still chewing on his bite. "Mommy.You too." "Oh thank you baby."I said and took a bite also. "What about Yuna?"I asked. "Here Yuna."He said giving the rest to her. "Now I don't have one."He said holding up his empty hands. "Let's make you one."Jay said getting a marshmallow ready. I decided to grab a drink and sit next to Amerie watching everyone having fun. "I see you and Yuna are getting along quiet well."Amerie said looking over at me. "Yeah.We talked it out and it's mostly for Gio's sake. He doesn't need us fighting." "That's good.Isn't it sad we leave early in the morning." "Yeah.Back to Seattle.So much fun."I said sarcastically at the end. "We do have things back home to work on.Can't hide from it.And you know what I'm talking about." "I do.Let's not even worry about that until we land. Let's just enjoy the night." "Agreed." The kids were happy eating their s'mores and the adults decided to bust out he alcohol. Music began to play and they are singing songs. Like Cho Yong Pil Bounce. Halmoeni can get it and Halabeoji. I think the rice wine and soju is kicking in. The kids joined along of course they made us also ,but I didn't mind. They even played 10 outta 10 by 2pm. Jay still remembered the dance. So cute. After a couple hours the kids started falling asleep one by one. Good thing we had the tent. We just laid them in there and covered them up.Gio fell asleep in Jay's arms and didn't want to move. Jay would try to lay him down Gio woke up and cling on. The rest of the adults started packing up some of the stuff and taking it to the car which was down the beach a ways leaving Yuna,Amerie,Lauren,Romeo,Jay and I.Kook went and helped out. "Gia.During our talk you didn't answer my question about Chase."Yuna said bringing it up out of nowhere. "She said they did."Jay said. "I don't believe it." "It's complicated. Since you wanna know so bad.I didn't break up with him." "You're still with him!" I quickly turned around to see Gary walking towards us.Why is he here? "Gia.We fuxkin slept together last night!"He yelled. "You did what!?"Jay also yelled."Take Gio to the tent."He said handing him to Yuna. "Yeah we slept together. Why are you getting worked up?" "Fuxk all of that.Youre still with Chase. Gia I have true feelings for you. Did you have any for me at all?" "Gray. I do, but it's complicated."I said trying to look at him but my gaze kept going towards Jay. I didn't know what to say. I have feelings for Gray. He is sweet and charming. "You still love Jay too?!"He questioned and yelled pointing at Jay."Can you not choose.Wow. So was I just a fuxkin game or something.You know what don't answer. I'm gone. Don't try to talk to me ever." As he was saying those words I can see the hurt in his eyes. The hurt I caused because I couldn't tell the truth about being with Chase. I didn't even want his name brought up during this vacation. Watching him walk away I got so mad I began to cry and storm off in the opposite direction. I feel so embarrassed.Seems like I'm moving forward and then something or someone comes causing me to go backwards. "Gia.Gia." I turned to see Jay. Why is he the one that is always running after me. Someone else needs to do it! "Gia.Come here."He said engulfing me into a hug. Feeling his arms wrapped around me all I could do was cry. "Jay why can't I find anyone to love me?"I sobbed. "Gia.We all love you.I love you." "That's not what I mean. You love me because I'm the mother of your son.I want someone to love me like you did. I want a real relationship. Every time I think I found someone something bad always happens. I can't find happiness. I just..I.. I wanna know what love is."
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