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She couldn't go through the front door but she knew another way in.

She went around down to the parking garage. She pushed on the gate, making it open a couple feet and squeezed through. She ran across the lot to the stairwell. She dreaded it but she had to do it. She punched in the keycode she had always used for this door, she prayed that it still worked as she hit enter. The keypad buzzed, the light turned green and the locked opened.

She ran up the steps to the main floor. She seen a keypad on the door, she didn't know if it would work again but she tried it. It lit up green and opened. She knew security was on and hoped they were on their physical inspection as she ran down the hall, staying close to the wall until she made it to the studio. She slipoed through the doors and tried to stay in the shadows until she got to the phone.

“Where are you?” His voice was deep and demanding, like someone on the verge of exploding.

She quietly whispered into the phone, “I'm at the company.”

“What!? How did you get there?”

“I did what you told me and ran. Before I knew it, I was here.” She said, “When do you think you'll be here?”

She could hear him talking to the eldest and heard him say at least 15 minutes. She could hear her dark god in the background telling him to hurry.

“Find some place to hide. Don't come out, I'll come in for you.” He said and sighed with relief, “noona, I'm going to end this nonsense, I promise you.”

She wanted to stay on the phone with him until he got there but she heard someone coming and hung up on him. She made a mad dash for the racks of wardrobe hanging in the corner and hid inside. The lights came on.

“Are you sure you seen someone?” One security guard asked.

“Yeah, well not me... just look around.” The other said.

“I was watching the cameras well. I didn't see anything.”

“Someone called when you were away to the restroom. I was told they seen someone come in. Just look.”

Noona heard them getting closer, she held her breath and sat as still as possible. Then a phone rang. One of the security guards answered.

“We're looking right now. But how do you know… oh I see… we'll keep looking.”

She heard one go check the dressing room door but it was locked.

“There's no one in here. Should we check upstairs.” the first said walking towards where she was hiding. The clothes in front of her moved, then she seen something. The security guard was poking through the clothes with his nightstick. She watched for it as it got closer. She moved to one side in time.

“Yeah, let's go.” the second security guard said looking around still, "we'll need to check the other studio as well."

“Who was that on the phone?” the first asked.

The second grumbled, “Some manager... he said he happen to be driving by and seen someone running towards the front entrance. I told him that no one came in or even knocked. Let's check around to be sure.” He checked another door to be sure it was locked, “I doubt they would have made it upstairs. No one can access it now without a key code but let's check anyways then we'll go to lunch.”

The lights went off.

Noona shook her head. “Dammit, I thought I got away.” She lightly knocked her head against the wall. “Come on baby, please hurry.”

She came out of hiding and went to the door. She seen them go walking by heading to the front on their way out to lunch.

He should be here, she thought. When nothing was happening and she heard them leave the building, she ran back to the phone and called her baby god.

“Where are you?” She asked right away.

“We're in front, just waiting for them to leave then I'll be in. Just hold tight baby.” He said.


“What are they doing?” the dark one asked.

"I don't know, looks like they're talking to someone.” The eldest replied, “damn, it's manager hyung.”

“He knows.” Noona said quietly, her baby god asked her what, she gulped, “He knows I'm in here. He told them he seen someone coming here.”

They watched the security guards and the manager. The guards left and the manager acted as though he was going to leave. He got into his car. When the guards disappeared around the corner, he got out and went into the building.

“What's he doing? What's going on?” Noona asked.

Her baby god, took a deep breath, “Don't move. I'm coming in for you. I'm coming right now.”


PLEASE WHIP HIS BUTT!! sehunie and Kai! get him please!!
Oooooh, someone is gonna get his ass beaten~
Can we please delta stomp the manager??? Can we please do that for Noona's sake???