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FNC Entertainment reveals teaser image and site for F.T. Island's 5th mini-album 'The Mood'
FNC Entertainment recently tweeted a teaser image for F.T. Island's upcoming 5th mini-album 'The Mood'! They wrote, "F.T. Island 5th Mini Album' The Mood' album jacket teaser has been put up on the site. We hope everyone shows a lot of interest." They had also put up a teaser web site for F.T. Island with links at the top that will most likely lead to future teasers or news. The links each have a date so you can expect something new to be added on November 8, 11, 12, 15, and 18! Visit the site here and check in at allkpop for further news on the boys' next album! http://fncent.com/teaser/ftisland/the_mood/index.html