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Into Oxford - wonkyu drabble inspired by pic.twitter.com/CxFSVQRXam *** "Aren't you excited," Siwon smiled, the statement rather than question whispered softly to the giddy young man in front of him. "A-am I that obvious?" Kyuhyun turned to him, eyes wide and cheeks flushed from the combination of prior excitement and a new rush of embarrassment. "Kind of," he teased just because, but then a firm nudge on his back reminded him that he had stepped over the line as a bodyguard. Again. "You look great, young master," the other bodyguard, Kangin, nodded reassuringly. But Kyuhyun only glanced at him before directing his worried gaze towards Siwon again. "Don't other freshmen feel as excited as I do?" Now he was biting his lip, his silly (but adorable as always, in Siwon's opinion) worries consuming him. "I mean, it's Oxford... and... and... well, maybe not. Other freshmen probably feel that it's very normal, going to a public school--college and all..." "Well, look around you," Siwon gestured with a tilt of his head. "What do you see?" As Kyuhyun did what Siwon told him to, he noticed that the other freshmen were either laughing or smiling or looking around eagerly. Not much different from him. Although he knew that few or none of them would feel his kind of happiness, finally getting out of the Cho family's manor, where he had spent his whole life growing up, including studying. Now this foreign city, foreign buildings and foreign people will be surrounding him, and he couldn't wait to start. "But Kangin's right," Siwon added when he noticed the glimmering excitement returned to those beautiful brown orbs and quickly scanned the grey suit wrapped around the young master. "You look great." Kyuhyun beamed before enveloping him in a bear hug. Even after all this time, Siwon still felt his heart stop whenever the young master expressed his affection. Kangin coughed next to them and Kyuhyun slowly let him go before shyly hugged the other man as well, although not as tight because he had always been secretly afraid of him ("But I don't hate him, he's a kind person," he once said to Siwon). That was just the way Kyuhyun was, but Kangin visibly went flustered, unsure of what to do, and Siwon had to suppress his chuckle with all his might. "Okay," Siwon allowed himself to pet Kyuhyun's soft, brown locks. "We'll be waiting here. Go make lots of friends." "You think I can?" Kyuhyun giggled, not as nervous but still needing the comforting from his favorite bodyguard. "Haven't you already made one?" Siwon pointed behind him. "There's your new friend, Hyukjae." Kyuhyun turned and quickly returned the wave Hyukjae gave him. He dashed towards the fellow freshman he got to know during the administration process and Hyukjae welcomed him with a hug and a ruffle on his hair. Siwon's smile faltered when he saw how close the two were. Kyuhyun's world had expanded in such a short time, and it will expand even more. He couldn't imagine anyone hating the innocent, sincere man. Soon he will have a lot of friends, and there will be no need to cling to his bodyguard anymore... Siwon blinked when Kyuhyun stopped in his tracks and turned to him. "Siwon hyung! See you later!" ...but how could he feel sad about it when the joy made Kyuhyun look so, so beautiful?